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20 Reasons you would love to live in an Automated House

"Uhh.. you have an automated house ! What's the use ?", that is what usually people are saying when visiting us. If home automation is still tricky to setup, and requires skills and work, there are a few features among all that help to appreciate the living in a fully-automated home. Manual control and automatic bypasses are still available for exceptional use.

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1. Stop wasting your time in repetitive tasks, forget to do what is nevertheless identical

Every morning I used to wake-up and turn on the same lights, listen to same radio station, check the mailbox, awake the kids at the same hour.

Every night I was setting up my alarm clock, closing garage and doors, turn the alarm panel on, turn off every forgotten light, TV and computers, shut off the telephone ring in the sleeping room

Now the house does it by itself or with a single button press.

3. Let your wife reply when her mother calls, don't be a telephone operator for your kids


When our phone rings, a vocal announcement tells us who is calling. Nice and handy specially when watching a football game.

4. Hear the doorbell even in the middle of a concert of Led'zep and hear the telephone-ring while passing the vacuum cleaner


When someone rings or calls, volume is going down, vacuum-cleaner or electric tool are turned off, so that rings and vocal announcement can be heard.

5. Save the heating when you open the window or when you are not at home.


If a windows stays open for several minutes the heating and air-conditioning is automatically turned off for this room .

The house will also turn to eco-mode when everybody is out.

6. Take the garbage out on the good day

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We have two garbage cans, one for recycling. They have to be taken out on specific days of the week. A vocal reminder when leaving in the morning helps a lot to be punctual.

7. Do not bother any more to water the lawn or to feed the fishes, do not water the lawn when it will rain the next day


Automatic sprinklers are very common, but they irrigate everyday, even if the weather is bad.

Some probes help not to open the valves if it has been raining, but in an automated home the weather forecast for the 3 next days is also evaluated

8. Do not open your door anymore to inopportune


Visitors are showing on TV's and computer when ringing at the door, thanks to the outside camera.

If no one is home, a short record will be sent by mail,twitter,messenger and SMS.

10. Do not eat anymore beans and compotes for three days because the freezer remained opened,


Temperature sensors in freezers and fridge help to know when door is open and temperature rising. Vocal alert, mail, SMS, twitter etc. will be triggered according to schedule and circumstances.

11. Forget about telemarketers


Phone calls with hidden numbers are routed to a vocal message asking to call back in the two next minutes for urgent meanings only. (After two minutes access will but closed again).

Telemarketers number are saved in a black list and the phone won't even ring at their next try.

12. Turn off the TV without awaking

If the TV is on in the sleeping room after a certain hour, and there is no movement for several minutes, the TV volume is first muted, then, if there is no reaction, the TV is turned off.

13. Do not forget anymore to close the garage, don't let the wind blow fallen leaves in the garage .


Garage will automatically close when going to bed, leaving the house or during the fall if the wind is coming from the North-West and blowing over 20 km/h.

20. Avoid or discourage burglars

When no one is at home, the house will still have some random activity with lights and curtains moving randomly.

If someone rings at the front door, a very impressive and angry dog will bark in all speakers around, discouraging any temptation.

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