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The Top 13 Bloodthirsty Vampires In Movie History

Not all vampires sparkle in the sunlight — in fact, most are far more gruesome. Check out this ranking of cinema's most brutal vamps, and catch up with some sexy vampires in From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, Tuesdays at 9/8c on the El Rey Network.

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1. Jesús Gris — Cronos

Fondo de Fomento Cinematográfico / Everett Collection

Jesús Gris may have stumbled onto the secret of achieving eternal youth, but he realized it didn't come without a thirst for blood.

2. Count Orlok — Nosferatu

Film Arts Guild / Everett Collection

Count Orlok proves that a man's bloodlust, while strong, is not immune to the lure of a woman's beauty — that beauty leading to one's ultimate demise.

10. Eli — Let the Right One In

Sandrew Metronome / Everett Collection

The most horrifying love story you'll ever see, with a cold-blooded vampire girl who you may wish was your childhood sweetheart too.