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The 13 Most Memorable Exotic Dancers In Cinema History

These confident, dancing hotties are the sexiest in cinema history. But what's even hotter? VAMPIRE exotic dancers. See them work it in From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, premiering March 11 at 9/8c on the El Rey Network.

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1. Alex Owens — Flashdance

PolyGram Filmed Entertainment / Everett Collection

Alex Owens' exotic dancing abilities can't hold a candle to her STEEL-WELDING job. Except for when she douses herself in water on stage. That's pretty badass too.

3. Dakota Moss — I Know Who Killed Me

360 Pictures / Everett Collection

Dakota Moss has it rougher than most exotic dancers: she's the living victim of a serial killer, a crack addict's baby, and a missing twin.

5. Cherry Darling — Planet Terror

Rodriguez International Pictures / Everett Collection

Cherry's transition from sexy exotic dancer to zombie killer with a machine-gun leg is at least marginally more epic than most people's lives.

8. Polly Ann Costello — Showgirls

Carolco Pictures Chargeurs / Everett Collection

Polly Ann won't settle for just being a former-prostitute exotic dancer — she wants to be the BEST former-prostitute exotic dancer in all of Vegas.

13. Santánico Pandemónium — From Dusk Till Dawn

A Band Apart Los Hooligans / Everett Collection

Sure, Santánico Pandemónium is a mega babe, but she's also the Queen Vampire at the Titty Twister. So, basically she's everything you could want in a woman.