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'Baby Driver' Is Not A Movie About Minnie Driver And People Are Pissed

"This is some bullshit."

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It's a badass action flick (with an insanely lit soundtrack) about a kid named Baby, a young getaway driver who is coerced into working for a kingpin.

Many, many people have pointed out just how wrong this is.

If the end credits of Baby Driver aren't pictures of Minnie Driver @driverminnie as a baby I will demand a refund

#BabyDriver should obviously be calle Minnie Driver and star, well, @driverminnie

Let’s do this! Looking forward to seeing @driverminnie and Adam traverse the pitfalls of parenthood!…

Just seen @BabyDriverMovie Excellent film only spoilt by the absence of Minnie Driver. 😅 9/10 vroom vroom. @driverminnie

Why didn't you warn me that Baby Driver wasn't a Minnie Driver biopic? This is some bullshit.

Someone even made a new and improved movie poster to include her.

@edgarwright @I_am_EnglishBob happy now?

Which made Edgar Wright see the error of his ways.

@driverminnie I think I made this in a dream.

@driverminnie It's silly that you are not in my movie.

Wright even offered to add her into the film.

@driverminnie It's not too late to CGI you into the movie.

Considering it's already in theaters, I think it might be just a liiiiittle too late this round.

But that doesn't mean there's not hope for Minnie to appear in the sequel!

@edgarwright can't wait for the Baby Driver sequel, Minnie Driver.

Give the people what the want, Edgar.

Fingers crossed that "Baby Driver 2: the Return of Minnie" will make its way into theaters soon!

After all, Edgar Wright. You owe her.

@edgarwright according to the amount of @BabyDriverMovie traffic I am jammed in, I really should have had some sort of P+A budget..

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