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Who Are You??

See which crazy ass you are.....

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  1. Where could you most likely be found during the day?

    At the sorority house
    At tutoring
  2. Favorite food?

    Illegal petes
    A home cooked meal
  3. Starbucks order

    Ice vanilla latte with extra sugar
    Ice chai
    Ice vanilla latte
  4. What's your worst quality?

    too shy
    bitchy (honestly might be my best quality)
    mean drunk
  5. Biggest pet peeve

    People sitting on my bed
    Feet near me
    Chapped lips
  6. What can you be caught wearing?

    Anything off Amazon
    Lulu shorts
  7. Favorite saying

    "Thats just a lot"
    "Yass Queen"
    "Can you get away from me"
  8. What can you not leave the house without?

  9. Favorite late night snack?

    Pizza with RANCH
    Jimmy johns
    french fries
  10. Favorite themed party

    Yoga hoes and athlete bros
    mathletes and athletes
  11. What can you find me doing in my spare time?

    Amazing priming
    Playing games
    Watching tasty videos

Who Are You??

You got: You got: Ella!

You are the calm one but don't let it fool you because after one night at ZBT you will never look back. Most likely to be asking questions about the chem homework. You're phi or die. You love playing weird games on your phone and you have a thing for guys with names that start with the letter J. And can always be found with a juul in hand.

You got: Ella!
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You got: You got: Lucie!

You're psycho but everyone loves you wether they admit it or not . Can be found picking up packages at the front desk or amazon priming. Dominos has you on speed dial. Your favorite drink is anything with tequila in it. You're so EXTRA it hurts. You best have cartier or soul cycle or GTFO.

You got: Lucie!
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You got: You got: Niki!

You're a wild child who likes to dance on tables or honestly any surface. You will not find anyone sitting on your bed or touching your stuff. You are always sick but that doesn't stop you from hitting up the frats. If you cant find be found at the frats or SALT you can be found at illegal petes.

You got: Niki!
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