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What's The Most Impressive Bit Of Foreshadowing You've Ever Seen On TV?

Turns out, often your favourite show is way cleverer than you first thought.

Everyone loves kicking back and relaxing with their favourite TV programme.

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But it's even better when you discover that certain scenes or plotlines actually foreshadow moments from later in the show.

It could be a line, a scene, a plotline or even a song reappearing, but it'll definitely make you realise that the show is way cleverer than you first thought.


Like, for example, there's a scene in The OC where Ryan and Marissa decide on "their song" and then dance to it.

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And then the same song plays when he breaks up with her later in the season.

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Often, you only notice when re-watching or binging a show. Like, for example, the fact that Monica tells Chandler that she wants a baby in season one of Friends.

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Before saying the same line in season eight, when they're married.

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And when she sees newborn twins in season one, Monica says this.

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Before getting her twins in season 10.

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So, what's the cleverest or most impressive piece of foreshadowing you've noticed? Tell us in the dropbox below, and your submission could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!