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What Relationship Advice Do You Need From John Legend?

Because he may even answer your question.

We all know that John Legend is one half of the most perfect celebrity couple around.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Because he and Chrissy have been together for over 10 years and seem more in love than ever.


Not only do they have the best time goofing around together, but they've also supported each other through some tough times.

So there's no one better placed than John to offer advice on affairs of the heart. And when we at BuzzFeed meet him, we want to ask him your questions about relationships.

Whether you want tips for the perfect first date, or thoughts on dealing with an argument or heartache, or advice on what it takes to achieve a long-term relationship, John is here to help.

Sony Music / Via

Make sure to leave your questions about relationships in the comments of this post, and John may even answer them!