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What Are The Most Problematic Moments In "Friends?"

Watching Friends in 2018 proves the show was problematic AF.

There's no denying that Friends is an absolute classic show that many of us grew up loving. However, this poses a bit of an issue because it was made during the '90s and '00s – a pretty problematic time.

And watching the show now will make you wonder: "How the hell did this get approved?" at least once an episode.

Whether it's all the "Fat Monica" jokes.

Or super sexist comments like this...

It's basically impossible to watch the show in 2018 without noticing the glaringly problematic plot points.

So, what are the moments in Friends that you find problematic AF in 2018? Tell us in the dropbox below, and your submission could be featured in a future BuzzFeed community post or video!