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    26 Times Jade From Little Mix Was Really Fucking Funny

    "Sober me left drunk me a snack in my clutch bag for when I got hungry on a night out and I couldn't be prouder of sober me."

    1. When her eyes deceived her.

    My jet lagged greedy ass thought this was Greggs for a split second xjadex

    2. When she made this discovery.

    3. When she came out for one drink.

    4. And when she was all of us on a diet.

    5. When she realised the real perk of fame.

    6. When her mum had a nerve.

    7. When one glass of wine just wasn't enough.

    8. When her life was made because of a lost wig.

    9. When she came over all Game of Thrones.

    10. When she taught her dad how to pose.

    11. When she told this anecdote.

    12. When she had carbs on her mind.

    13. When she proved that being a celebrity isn't always glamorous.

    14. When she made this clarification.

    15. When she came up with her own variation on the "bend and snap."

    16. When she made this joke.

    17. When she was natural af.

    18. When she was totally fine. Promise.

    19. When she had her priorities in order.

    20. When she found her dream accessory.

    21. When she made this error.

    22. When she shared her beauty mishap.

    23. When she shared this throwback.

    24. When she was feeling her fashion choices.

    25. When she just couldn't let her mum down.

    26. And, finally, when she posted this and it wasn't just funny, but completely adorable.

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