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This Celeb Couple Have Split For A Fourth Time And Honestly, It's Exhausting

Here's a run down of 18 months' worth of drama.

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And this week the pair have confirmed that they've split up for a fourth time since they started dating in April 2016.

And here's everything you need to know.

The first breakup came six months into their relationship after Megan found out that Pete had been sending ~explicit sexts~ to a bunch of women including his ex-girlfriend.

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The messages not only involved Pete describing sex acts to his ex-girlfriend, but included comments in which he called Megan "boring" and said he "wished" he was single.


Megan broke up with Pete shortly afterwards, but he wouldn't give up on their relationship. He spent weeks trying to win her back, apologising to her parents and eventually convinced her to come on a romantic spa weekend.


It marked the beginning of months of arguments between the pair, as Megan struggled to regain the trust she'd lost. In fact, at one point she revealed that their relationship was "80% rowing and 20% happy."


She also confirmed that they had briefly split for a second time in October last year, after Megan lost it with him, "chucking all his stuff" out of her flat before having a change of heart the next day.

And, in March this year, the rows became too much and they split up "for good" on an episode of TOWIE.


Megan told Pete that this break up "felt different" from the others and that she wasn't sure she was "still in love with him."


Despite vowing to be civil, just a couple of days after breaking up Megan and Pete encountered each other on the street where a vicious argument erupted, with producers having to intervene and separate then.


They then decided to give each other some space, and during the lull in filming between TOWIE seasons, didn't contact each other.

But then after two months of no talking, Megan and Pete realised that they missed each other and decided to take a secret "make or break" holiday together.

It didn't remain a secret for long, after other holiday-makers released photos of them by the pool together to The Sun.

It was on this trip that they decided to put the past behind them once and for all, and give their relationship another go for a fourth time.

And while Megan spent a month in Nashville filming a reality show charting her attempt at a country music career, they remained in constant contact, leaving cute messages on social media.


And it soon became pretty clear that this was more than just a friendship.

They then confirmed that they were back together, saying that the relationship felt "brand new" thanks to their time apart.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Pete said: "We had a good break apart. And since getting back together it's been like a new relationship. It's the beginning." And Megan agreed, saying: "We never thought we'd get back together but now we're stronger than ever."

In fact, it seemed as though they really were happier than ever. There have been no arguments on this season of TOWIE! Megan's music career has taken off and Pete has been her number one fan!

Not gonna lie, proudest geezer about...❤️


So proud of @Megan_Mckenna_ ❤️ - download your copies of "High Heeled Shoes" & "Far Cry From Love" here...

He was the proudest boyfriend on the planet!


I couldn't be more proud of Megan for following her dreams and showing people the real Megan Mckenna. I'll always b…

They spent her birthday together two weeks ago too!

He bought her this designer handbag!

And there was a family meal!

But then after Megan failed to appear in a couple of episodes of TOWIE, rumours began swirling that she and Pete might have split again.

Sources suggested that they had been rowing and "couldn't handle the stress" of constant arguments. It was added that a reconciliation wouldn't be out of the question.

And now Pete has confirmed that they have indeed broken up, but they're both "fine" and "civil."

Speaking to The Sun, he said:

Me and Megan are single and happy. We are fine, we're civil. There's no bitterness there at all so [seeing each other] shouldn't be a problem.


He went on to say that the pressure of having a relationship in the public eye had become too intense.

Pete said:

Relationships are hard anyway and when you're in the public eye it makes it ten times worse because everyone has an opinion. We've both said that for a long time, but yeh, it is what it is. It's not ideal, but what can you do?

But Pete did say that he'd find it "difficult" to see Megan move on with someone else, and neither of them were ready to start dating again.

Pete explained:

I think for anyone in any relationship it's always difficult to see someone move on, but I'm not in that position where I'm looking at dating at the minute and neither is she, so it's not really something I'm thinking about.

However, reports have now emerged that Megan is dating her ex-boyfriend Harry Eden.

Megan dated Harry (on the right) for two years back in 2012, and he was actually the source of an argument between Megan and Pete while they were broken up.

Pete was hurt by photos of Megan and Harry going to an after party together after a night out. However, Megan declared on TOWIE: "I'm completely single, I can do what I want."

A spokesperson for Megan McKenna has been contacted for comment.