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    This Celeb Used The N-Word Twice On Live TV And People Are Angry

    Katie Price was discussing the racist abuse her disabled son receives, and her use of the word has angered many.

    Katie Price has been on a one-woman mission over the past few months to condemn the trolls who abuse her disabled son online every day.

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    It began with her naming and shaming them across her social media platforms, but now she's campaigning to make online abuse a crime, and the names of perpetrators placed on a public register.

    Today, Katie appeared on This Morning to discuss the petition, and revealed the extent of the abuse directed at Harvey, much of which is racist.


    She revealed some of the abuse Harvey has faced, including the video one troll made which used audio clips of Harvey to make it sound as though they were having sex. Katie said that while she succeeded in having the specific troll arrested, he was not charged or cautioned – and this is what she'd like to change with her petition.

    But when Katie was asked where the line between "a joke" and "abuse" lay, she ended up using the N-word twice in her response.


    Katie said:

    Is it strong enough to call my son a "black, blind nigger?" is that not abuse? They say that he dribbles, they call him a "golliwog" – that's my son. Is that acceptable? We can all have banter, we can all say things, and I'm not trying to take away free speech, but you know when you're crossing the line. And, if something is in place, people might think differently. Calling my son a "nigger" and stuff isn't acceptable.

    On the second instance of using the word, host Phillip Schofield intervened to tell her: "You don't need to say it again."


    Shortly after coming off air, Katie posted a video to Instagram defending her use of the word.

    She said:

    So I've just been on This Morning and I've made the headlines everywhere because I used the word "nigger." Yes, I did use the word "nigger," because that's what people call my son. They call him a "blind nigger," a "black spastic." They call him a "golliwog." So I'm glad I've made headlines using that word, because I want to get it out there that it's not acceptable. Just think about it – there's all the people out there that have to put up with that kind of abuse. Because I'm in the public eye, I can speak about it and it's got to stop. Online bullying has to stop. Please sign my petition and get these online trolling horrible bullies off.

    But it didn't take long before people took to social media to share their opinions. Many were angry that she'd used the word, regardless of its context.

    having a mixed raced child doesn't give you a free pass to throw the word around so casually #katieprice

    @MissKatiePrice Regardless of context it's offensive for you to use the word and the comfort with which you repeate…

    Lmao when will non- black people realise that your opinion on how black people should feel about N-word usage is irrelevant.

    Others thought the context was acceptable.

    In the context Katie Price used the 'N-Word', I personally think it was completely acceptable

    Some said she was attention-seeking.

    Katie Price could have easily said "they call my son the N word" and we would have understood, but then she wouldn't get her attention.

    Katie Price could have conveyed her sentiment without using the word. She even had the effrontery to repeat on a twitter video

    While others found the use of the word repellent.

    Katie Price saying the N word made me feel ill. The sort of ill feeling you get when you see rats , vulgar!

    And called for an apology.

    @MissKatiePrice owes every black person an apology. The audacity to think she can come on national TV and use the would 'Nigger'

    Others suggested the outrage should be directed at the people who use the word to abuse Harvey, rather than at Katie.

    Why is there more shock about Katie Price saying the n-word rather than the fact her son got called it.

    I think it's sad for people to focus on Katie Price saying the N word as opposed to understanding why she used it! #OpenYourEyes

    I must be the only one who is not deeply offended by what Katie Price said. She was describing the abuse her son has gotten for years!

    But some said they weren't concerned by what she'd said.

    Ignore white ppl outraged about Katie price.. they're are mad because how it made them feel not us.. and we're not botherd she had a point

    And her Instagram comments were full of support.

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