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This Celeb Just Announced Her Pregnancy In The Cutest Damn Way

Baby number two is on the way for Sam Faiers.

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Since she gave birth to baby Paul 18 months ago, reality star Sam Faiers has taken to motherhood like a duck to water.

She also recently revealed that she'd like "five or six kids" with her boyfriend of two years, Paul Knightley.

Well, now Sam's revealed her wish for more babies has come true! She shared this adorable photo of herself, Paul, and a little baby bump to announce her second pregnancy.

Sam shared the image alongside a caption saying she loved the baby already.

The news did come as a bit of a surprise, however, given that Sam recently said she'd like to be married before having more children. She also revealed last week that she'd like a "three or four year" age gap between her kids – so another baby wasn't on the cards just yet.

Speaking to MailOnline, Sam said:

We do want a big family, and when Billie [her sister] had her second baby, Arthur, it made me broody. It made me all: "Oh I want a newborn!" But I think there should be a three or four year age gap between my children. Plus, we are really just enjoying baby Paul right now.

Excellent work throwing us off the scent, Sam! And massive congratulations! 💕