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    This Celeb Is Naming Trolls Who Sent Her Disabled Son Racist Abuse

    Katie Price promised to publicly "name and shame" any online trolls who send abuse to her son – and she's stuck to her word.

    For the past 14 years, multimillionaire businesswoman and former glamour model Katie Price has tirelessly cared for her son Harvey. He was born blind and has since been diagnosed with numerous disabilities.

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    Harvey has septo-optic dysplasia, which has caused partial sight, as well as Prader–Willi syndrome, which causes obesity and has left him at risk of diabetes. He is also on the autistic spectrum and has ADHD. Katie recently revealed that an oversight during an MRI scan starved Harvey of vital medication, resulting in partial brain damage. All of Harvey's conditions require constant monitoring and medication, without which he's at risk of death.

    Harvey has been the victim of bullying from both the media and the public for most of his life.

    And with the increase in social media usage, Harvey has increasingly become the subject of mockery and racist abuse online by strangers.


    In fact, Katie and Harvey both made an appearance on Loose Women last year to speak about the trolling, with her campaigning to name the offenders and demand apologies.

    However, the abuse is still happening – and now Katie is taking to Instagram to name and shame the people targeting Harvey.

    Yesterday, Katie shared a montage of offensive and racist tweets sent to her about Harvey.

    She posted the image alongside this caption.

    Katie went on to post a series of Instagram videos calling for fans to help identify the person behind the tweets.

    She went on to repeat some of the insults the troll used against Harvey.

    She then asked if the troll was "man enough" to apologise.

    Katie concluded by saying the troll was a "bully who needs to be caught".

    She then managed to track the troll down, sharing a screengrab from his Facebook account.

    Katie went on to share another series of videos calling out the abuse – this time from her 11-year-old son Junior.

    Junior said the abuse was particularly hard for the family to bare, given they know how "loving" Harvey is.

    He then echoed Katie's sentiment in calling for the troll to apologise.

    Some people criticised Katie for making the abuse and the perpetrator public, but the overwhelming majority of commenters praised her for taking action.

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