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    This Celeb Is Campaigning To Make Trolling A Crime After People Abused Her Disabled Son

    Warning: This post contains images and tweets of a disturbing nature. Katie Price said she'd name and shame the trolls, but now she wants legal action.

    For the past couple of years, Katie Price has been vocal about the daily online abuse her disabled son is subjected to.

    Just last week, multiple trolls used the Westminster terrorist attack to target Harvey.

    Twitter: @MinimumMartial

    And, back in January, Katie began naming and shaming the trolls who sent racist abuse to Harvey.

    Well, it seems that Katie is serious about attempting to end trolling, by launching a petition calling for online abuse to be made a crime.

    Katie announced the petition, and her reasons for launching it, in an impassioned video posted on Instagram.

    In it, she said:

    Hi, my name's Katie Price and my son has very complex needs. He gets online bullying trolls and people who abuse his size, looks, colour, and disability every day. Not only does it fiercely upset me and my family, but Harvey is very fortunate to not understand. But I do. And I'll do everything in my power to make sure that these trolling bullies get punished. Every day, people of all ages get trolling bullies for all different reasons, and a lot of it is causing suicide. Please, please, let's stop this happening. Sign my petition and let's stick together and make a difference. It's about time these trolls and bullies get punished.

    She then shared the petition on Twitter.

    Please please please sign this petitions to make a difference and stop TROLL BULLYING

    And posted a selection of some of the abuse that prompted her to take action.

    This NEEDS to be stopped please sign the petition

    And people were outraged.

    Many people immediately signed the petition, and praised Katie for attempting to enact change.

    Such an important issue that I'm very surprised hasn't been made illegal yet! Please sign here to stop online abuse…

    Totally agree with @MissKatiePrice 's petition for online bullies to be punished, causes so much heartbreak for some people, no excuse💔

    It only takes a few seconds to sign..but will make a real difference to so many people. @MissKatiePrice

    And other parents of disabled children expressed their fears.

    As I have two children one has cerebralpalsy and one is partially deaf. Dreading when it happens to them. Your doing amazing @MissKatiePrice

    While others shared their experiences of bullying.

    While others recalled accounts of suicide, like Katie mentioned in her video.

    You can view and sign the petition here.

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