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    This Celeb Was Accused Of Drinking While Pregnant After These Photos Emerged

    Amy Childs was met with a barrage of abuse after photos appeared showing her drinking what looked like prosecco.

    Former TOWIE star Amy Childs is expecting her first baby in just a few weeks.

    Amy, who's been vocal in the past about her struggle to conceive, has kept followers up-to-date with her pregnancy, and her excitement as the birth draws closer.

    So fans were pretty surprised when they saw photos of the star at a hair salon, clutching a bottle of prosecco and drinking several glasses over the course of an afternoon.

    In fact, she received intense criticism – with many people calling her "selfish".

    However, Amy has now shut down the criticism by sharing an Instagram post in which she explained the prosecco was clearly nonalcoholic.

    She posted the photo alongside a caption explaining that she was "hurt" that people would think she'd drink alcohol while pregnant and put her baby "at risk".

    Amy wrote:

    So it seems I've been criticised following a set of photos which surfaced yesterday. I'm pretty hurt that people would think I am the sort of person who would put my baby at risk. Under no circumstances would I ever do that. Being a mum is something I've dreamt of for so long and I wouldn't ruin it for an act of selfishness.

    Amy went on to tell followers that since becoming pregnant she hasn't "gone near a drop of alcohol" and that her baby "will always come first".

    She wrote:

    The pictures you are all referring to have been taken way out of context. I'm a girl that loves a glass of fizz, but since finding out I was pregnant I've not gone near a drop of alcohol. Instead I've found a non-alcoholic version of my favourite drink. I hope this clears it up for anyone that was doubting me. I will always put my baby first. 💞💞

    Well, that clears that up!