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This Celeb Couple Went On TV To Discuss His Infidelity And People Think It Was Awkward

Katie Price and Kieran Hayler appeared on Loose Women to publicly address his affairs with two of Katie's best friends.

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We all know that Katie Price's life is endlessly dramatic, but her third marriage to Kieran Hayler has been the most turbulent yet.

The TL;DR version goes something like this: Katie married Kieran 5 weeks after meeting him in 2013. Shortly after that he embarked on an affair with her best friend of 20 years while Katie was pregnant with their first child together.

The affair continued when Katie became pregnant with their second child. 6 months in to this pregnancy the affair was exposed when Katie caught him kissing her best friend on a beach during a family holiday.

Katie demanded Kieran take a lie detector test to find out the details of his infidelity. Kieran failed every question, and it was also revealed that he'd been having an affair with another of Katie's friends.

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After Kieran was diagnosed with a sex addiction and began treatment, Katie decided to stand by him.

They renewed their vows in 2016, but this was eventful too. Katie recorded a message revealing the extent of Kieran's betrayal which was played to their entire congregation before she walked down the aisle.

Anyway, since then they've ostensibly got their marriage back on track. And, while Katie has given many interviews about Kieran's affairs and covered the matter in her latest autobiography, Kieran has remained silent.


Kieran appeared on the show along with the respective boyfriends and husbands of the other women on the panel. The show began with all the men apart from Kieran taking a lie detector test. Katie announced: "He's not doing it. He's done it before and he failed all of it."


But then he said this.


His comment appeared to be a reference to something Katie said on Loose Women back in January. Speaking about Kieran's infidelity, she said: "In my situation, everyone said "Just leave Kieran." You know it would have been so easy to walk away. So easy. It would have been easier to walk away."

Katie then got on to discussing the "rocky patch" in their marriage.


She said: "We did go through a rocky patch with the affairs and everything, and he did fail the lie detector test. So it was either a choice of walking away or sticking through it."


And, when Katie was asked what made her stay with Kieran, she gave this answer.


She continued: "If I wasn't pregnant with Bunny, I wouldn't have stayed with him. So you've got Bunny to thank for that."

Katie went on to explain why they'd chosen to renew their vows.


She said: "To me that marriage was void. The vows had been broken. The only way I could move forward... I needed a new ring, and [to] redo the vows."


Kieran then said that he finds the ordeal much easier to talk about now that two years have elapsed.


He said: "What everyone has to remember is I'm 2 years on from this and so if I'd done this [the interview] at the time, I would've been in pieces. I wouldn't have been able to do it. So now it's a lot easier than it would've been."


...Before Katie cut him off with this story.


She explained: "I'd be upstairs bathing the kids. He'd come up and check I was in the bath and then go downstairs and say to my friend, "Right, she'll be half an hour," because that adrenaline for my house. Or on the way home from work, he'd meet her in the car park to do it, and then come in normal."

Kieran was then asked what would happen if the sex addiction were "to come back." Katie answered for him again.


Kieran confirmed: "I don't crave it [sex] anymore. If anything it's the other way around."


During the show, people took to Twitter to say they were finding the interview "awkward."

#LooseWomen How awkward is this to watch.. cringy.. .. Turn over...

This conversation between Katie Price & hubby on #LooseWomen isn't awkward at all 🙄


While others said they found it "uncomfortable."

The relationship between Katie and Kieran just makes me uncomfortable........... #LooseWomen

And some said they found their relationship "weird."

#LooseWomen the relationship between keiran and katie is so weird

Plenty was made of Katie constantly interrupting Kieran.

Actually feel sorry for Kieran on @loosewomen OMG Katie Price needs to shut in and stop interrupting him, answering over him #overbearing

@loosewomen Does Katie Price ever let kieran talk without her interrupting.


Some viewers expressed sympathy for Kieran.

Watching #LooseWomen feel sorry for Kieran he's been humiliated on tv by Katie Price... we don't talk about it... but you are! He should run

@loosewomen @MissKatiePrice Katie looks lovely but why does she always try to belittle people all the time. Try not…

@loosewomen Shame we won't hear what keiran wants to really say coz Katie will have told him what to say

@KTB_90 I thought the same 'you can't keep bringing it up' before bringing it up as many times as she could!

While others were very much on Katie's side.

Don't care what anyone says about Katie Price what Kieran did to her was beyond wrong

But whatever viewers made of the appearance, there's no denying these two have been through a lot – and have managed to come out the other side. 💕