This Celeb Cheated On His Girlfriend On Vacation While She Slept And It's Beyond Fucked Up

    The revelation only came out after Marnie Simpson confirmed she'd dumped Lewis Bloor after finding out he'd cheated on her on Valentine's Day too.

    Since meeting and falling in love on Celebrity Big Brother last year, Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson and ex-TOWIE star Lewis Bloor have had a rocky relationship to say the least.

    However, the pair are now over for good after Marnie revealed that Lewis cheated on her in the middle of the night while they were on holiday together.

    Marnie released a series of messages from a girl who claimed that she and Lewis had done "everything but" actually have sex, during a romantic break to Barcelona in September.

    Marnie posted the DMs on Twitter.

    She shared the messages alongside a tweet saying Lewis's behaviour was "unthinkable".

    To cheat on your gf while she slept when on holiday together is the unthinkable and then get back in bed As if noth…

    And said the holiday had been the "best of her life".

    Barcelona was the best holiday I ever had,I loved it we stayed in the w hotel and to think he was cheating in a different room as I slept

    She went on to post photos taken the day after Lewis allegedly cheated on her as she slept.

    The morning after to act as if nothing happened. These were taken the day after

    As well as explaining the excuse he apparently used when she'd woken in the night to find him gone.

    When I woke up In he middle of the night he wasn't there and when he returned he said he fell asleep at the beach.

    She confirmed that the pair had slept together before and after the alleged encounter.

    And carried on sleeping with me the entire holiday. God only knows how many times he actually cheated on me. Make me sick

    The only reason the revelations came to light was because Marnie had responded to claims that Lewis had cheated on her on Valentine's Day while she was away working – and had Snapchatted to say that the pair were over for good.

    These cheating rumours emerged after the girl Lewis allegedly hooked up with, Amelia Guest, spoke to The Sun and released a video of them in bed together.

    Amelia said Lewis was "really pervy from the start", and that after arriving back at her hotel room he "wouldn't take the hint" that she and her friend wanted him to leave.

    At this point, Lewis allegedly revealed he had a girlfriend, but told Amelia that they were "unhappy and only together for the money".

    Lewis then apparently climbed into bed with Amelia where he proceeded to "try it on", "touching her suggestively" despite her "pushing him off".

    Within hours of the video being released, Marnie took to Twitter to share a couple of messages expressing her upset.

    Don't make eternal life long promises with a deceiver They wont change. And u always end up getting your ♥️broken

    Wish I could fast forward the next month

    Before calling Lewis a "fucking scumbag".

    Didn't really want the whole country to know but looks like that didn't last long . Happy Valentine's Day to me. U…

    Marnie then shared a six-minute Snapchat story explaining the situation, revealing that Lewis had denied cheating on her until the video was released – and that she'd "smashed up" her house in anger.

    She went on to say she confronted Lewis over the initial video of him in the taxi with the girls, and that he "swore down on his family's lives" that he hadn't cheated.

    However, Marnie said that after seeing the video of Lewis and Amelia in bed, she'd experienced "every emotion possible."

    And Marnie concluded that she felt "sick" at the fact she'd been lied to throughout their relationship.

    And it was at this point that the second girl came forward with the claim that Lewis had cheated in Barcelona too.

    Lewis has so far remained silent on the matter, but Marnie has since taken to Twitter to thank fans for their support.

    Thank you for all your support my angels I've read every single tweet and it literally means the world and has helped me through tonight ♥️

    BuzzFeed has contacted spokespeople for both Marnie and Lewis requesting comment.