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This Celeb Is Weaning Her Baby At Four Months And People Have Thoughts

Amy Childs revealed she's going to start weaning her baby at four months, sparking fervent debate in her Instagram comments.

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Former TOWIE star Amy Childs gave birth to her adorable baby Polly four months ago.

And she's kept followers up-to-date with Polly's progress ever since – from her enjoying bathtime... her very first holiday.

And now Amy has given another update. She intends to start weaning Polly now, because she's "such a hungry baby."

NHS guidelines state that the optimum age to start the weaning process is six months, and The British Dietetic Association say that the earliest recommended age for weaning is at 17 weeks.


She shared the news with a photo of the rice she intends to feed Polly, adding that she feels "nervous" about the process.

Well, Amy has now responded to the backlash. She posted this photo of weaning utensils, making it clear she'd been undeterred by the criticism.