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These Mysterious Photos Are Causing Rumours Of A Little Mix Feud

Little Mix cropped Jesy out of a photo because she "didn't like any of the pictures taken". But then she went on to post seven photos of her from the same event on her personal account.

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After the event, the girls posted this photo of themselves on the red carpet – only with Jesy mysteriously cropped out. Seems a bit weird, no?

However, there could be 1,000 perfectly reasonable explanations for the incident.

Maybe after looking through every single photo taken, Jesy found a few she liked? Or maybe she just had a change of heart? Or maybe the endless comments saying how gorgeous she looked gave her confidence?

A spokesperson for Little Mix told BuzzFeed that the rumours of a rift were "nonsense."

They said:

This is absolute nonsense created out of nothing. There is no fall out whatsoever within Little Mix. We now sadly live in a world where stories are fabricated from Instagram photo posts.