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    May 25, 2018

    Did Taylor Swift Have A Reference To Her New Album On Her Dress At The Billboard Awards?

    Is TS7 going to be called Eternal?!

    Earlier this week, Taylor Swift made her first red carpet appearance in two years at the Billboard Music Awards. And it's safe to say she looked incredible.

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    She also ended up walking away with two awards – Best Female and Top Selling Album for Reputation.

    However, because this is Taylor Swift, queen of hidden messages and dropping clues, fans quickly noticed a small detail on her dress and are freaking out over it.


    If you look very closely at the embroidery on the left side of Taylor's dress, you can see that the word "Eternal" has been stitched on.

    Twitter: @repudrama

    Right over her heart, too, which is cute.

    And fans are now speculating whether this could be the title of her next album.

    @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 #Taylorswift #TS7 I’ve decided Tays next album will be called Eternal... @taylornation13 @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 @taylorswift13

    Some fans have even linked the word "eternal" to the fan theory prior to Reputation's release, that the album would have a title somehow relating to time.

    Taylor's bbmas dress had a hidden "eternal" and last year there was a song that leaked titled "timeless/lottery" which was clearly sung by her - so is the possible album next year going to be somehow related about time? Coz wig

    Now, before you roll your eyes and think: "This is ridiculous, she's only just released an album," let me draw your attention to a conversation Taylor had with Perez Hilton just a couple of days ago.

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    Perez revealed that he told Taylor he'd love it if the next album had a song on it called "30" for continuity, as she had the tracks "Fifteen" and "22" on previous albums. Apparently Taylor then said: "Oh, well the next album will definitely be out before I'm 30."

    Now, Taylor is 28 right now, and she turns 29 at the end of this year. So this means that album seven has to be released some time next year in order for it to be out before she's 30.

    And the Reputation tour wraps up in November, leaving her a year to finalise the album, promote and release it before her 30th.

    So, will the album be called Eternal? After all, Reputation was full of love songs, so it'd be a nice continuation. Or will "Eternal" be the title of one of the songs on the album? Or are we just reading way too much into this?


    Only Taylor Swift knows, and we'll be analysing the hell out of everything she does between now and its release.

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