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Which Rom Com Should Everybody Watch, Even If They Don't Usually Like Them?

Show them what they've been missing out on.

There are countless amazing rom coms out there, but for someone who isn't familiar with the genre or doesn't usually like them, it can be hard to settle on one to watch.

So we want to know which rom coms you'd recommend to people who don't usually watch or like them. Perhaps it's a classic rom com that you think everybody should see at least once in their life — like When Harry Met Sally.

Maybe it's a rom com that breaks all the usual clichéd tropes, like (500) Days of Summer.

Or maybe it's a rom com that starts off light and fluffy but ends by leaving a lasting impact on the viewer, like The Big Sick.

Whatever it may be, let us know the rom com you'd recommend to someone who doesn't usually watch them, as well as the reason why, using the Dropbox below. The best responses will feature in a BuzzFeed Community post or video.