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    For Everyone Who's Sick Of Kim Kardashian Being Trolled Over The Robbery

    It's sexist bullshit and it needs to stop.

    Kim Kardashian was held up at gunpoint and robbed at her Paris apartment in the early hours of Monday morning.

    More details on the horrifying ordeal have come to light since – namely that Kim "begged for her life" and "feared that she would be raped."

    However, despite the incident clearly being terrifying, some trolls have been really fucking savage – suggesting that Kim deserved the attack and wishing death on her. 😔

    Luckily, plenty of others – including celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and James Corden – have jumped to Kim's defence.

    And rightly so – the trolling of Kim is horrific and bullshit, not least because there's always been a flippant rhetoric surrounding her.

    Disgusting how some people are making a mockery out of @KimKardashian's robbery!Fucking imagine yourself in a situation like that & thn talk

    No matter what she does, there's this weird subtext of mockery. Whether it’s creating a multimillion-dollar brand, developing technology businesses, producing the most successful reality TV show of all time, or, Y'KNOW, being the victim of a traumatic and potentially fatal crime, people are quick to dismiss her, mock her, and generally put her down.

    And it stems from sexism, which is always bubbling under the surface where Kim is concerned.

    Oh something happened to Kim Kardashian? I hadn't let rampant sexism wash over me yet today *clicks*

    If you HATE @KimKardashian pls honestly ask yourself why. Cause I can guarantee it boils down to racism, jealousy, sexism or just pure hate.

    @KimKardashian nearly died and yall still need to find a way to disparage a boo for merely existing. It's pure sexism. BELIEVE that.

    Her sexuality has always been used against her – from the fact she became famous through a sex tape to the fact that since then she’s built an empire and reclaimed her body through nude shoots and selfies.

    It’s evidenced here in the references to Kim as a “slut” as “looking plastic,” as someone who should “cover up more” and in the innumerable fucking rape jokes being made on Twitter in the wake of this ordeal.

    Makes me feel sick seeing boys tweet that the people who robbed Kim Kardashian should've raped her 😡

    Her sexual history and how she got famous doesn't fucking change that, either. Have some empathy ffs

    When you hear a woman use Kim Kardashian's fear she would be raped to make a joke about how many guys she's slept with <<<<<<<

    Also can we address the victim-blaming that's going on? Which is also really fucking misogynistic?

    The reaction to @KimKardashian 's robbery shows women are still blamed for assaults by men + victim blaming still exists. Hope she is ok ❤️

    Women often suffer misogynistic blame when they are the victims of crime, and it’s no different here. The subtext is that Kim deserved this ordeal – because she didn’t have her bodyguard with her, because she lives a luxurious lifestyle, because she isn’t talented anyway, because she dared to post a photo of her engagement ring on social media, because she doesn’t have any talent and lives her life publicly, or because she's a woman, and unafraid to display sexuality... whichever combination used, the upshot is that she is somehow to blame for this act.

    look u don't have to like kim kardashian but to spend hours justifying her violent assault really just indicates to me that u hate women

    people victim blaming Kim Kardashian..oh she shouldnt be flaunting so much.well when girls get raped "she shouldnt have been wearing that"?😒

    It's actually so infuriating and sad seeing people victim blaming Kim Kardashian saying she deserved to be robbed as she's rich..

    A lot of people are, although it's well meaning, also saying that Kim should be spared all this abuse because she is a "wife, mother, and sister."

    People making jokes about @KimKardashian tonight would do well to remember that she's a mother,a daughter,a wife,a friend.Be nice or shut up

    I'm sure people reminding us that #KimKardashian is a wife, mother and sister mean well. But a woman is a valuable human in her own right.

    Friendly reminder that #KimKardashian is a human being, so can. we. not. with the wishing those robbers had raped or murdered her.

    No human, no matter who they are, deserves to experience a truly traumatising event like Kim did on Monday. No person deserves to have their private space invaded, to be tied up, to fear sexual assault, to fear for their own life. And despite her being physically unharmed, the mental repercussions of this trauma are likely to last for a long time to come. And again, NO ONE DESERVES THAT.

    Oh, and you can also dislike someone but still feel empathy for them as a human. The 👏 two 👏 are 👏 not 👏 mutually 👏 exclusive.

    PSA: You don't have to like or respect @KimKardashian, but there is nothing funny about her being tied up & robbed at gunpoint. Period.

    Over and out.


    Kim Kardashian-West was robbed in her Paris apartment, which is part of a hotel complex. An earlier version of this post called it a hotel room.