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    21 Really Problematic Things Ross Did In "Friends"

    All these years later, Ross still remains the worst.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most problematic thing Ross did on Friends. Here are the best responses.

    1. When he lied to Rachel about getting their marriage annulled.


    The absolute worst thing Ross ever did was lie to Rachel about having their marriage annulled. He completely ignored Rachel’s feelings on the matter and deceived her just because he didn’t want to have three failed marriages (one of which was completely his fault... *cough* Emily *cough*).


    It was just some nasty kind of power play so he'd have something to hold over Rachel and claim her with. I would have gotten a restraining order if I were her.


    2. When he tried to kiss his cousin.


    He somehow convinced himself that his cousin wanted to have sex with him, so he tried to kiss her. Absolutely disgusting.


    He literally sexually harassed his own first cousin. Ross should never have been allowed anywhere near a woman.

    — Madonna Kilpatrick-Kielion, Facebook

    3. When he dumped Bonnie after she shaved her hair off.


    Ross dumping Bonnie for shaving her head is a very underrated example of him being the worst. It was just incredibly vain and mean.


    4. When he was dismissive of Rachel's career.


    The hypocrisy of his work being so important while Rachel’s is just inconvenient.


    He made Rachel wait for him at the museum bored out of her mind ON THEIR SECOND DATE. Then he got mad and threw a hissy fit about their anniversary dinner, didn’t listen to her, and then acted hurt when she tried to get him to understand that her job was as important to her as his was for him.

    — amyh44a18b4d4

    5. And convinced her to give up an amazing opportunity.


    He stopped Rachel from having her dream life in Paris. I get it, you "love" her, but that doesn't give you the right to stop her from being successful. It was really immature of him to tell her THE moment she was actually happy with herself and her life. Also, remember when he bribed her boss to give her the old job back? The one she WANTED to LEAVE?

    — wwwinejbrekker

    6. When he filmed him and Rachel having sex, and kept the tape.


    How about the fact that he accidentally taped himself and Rachel having sex and didn't delete it or even tell her? He only admitted to having it so he could win the argument on who'd initiated sex.

    — Niknak119

    7. When he dated his teenage student.


    Dating his teenage student was bad enough on its own, but then FOLLOWING HER ON SPRING BREAK, just so he could keep an eye on her?! After making a big deal about how they weren't ready to take a trip together?! And complaining that she was the one making it too serious?!


    8. His treatment of Mona.


    Right from when he didn't tell her about Rachel's pregnancy, he then tried to explain why he wasn't marrying Rachel in front of her dad (with Mona right there!) before freaking out over her wanting to talk about their relationship because of a holiday card, gave her a key to his apartment then changed the locks, bailed on dates and finally moved Rachel into his apartment without telling her. On Valentine's Day.

    — katies482ced1c2

    9. When he assumed that Rachel being naked in her apartment was an invitation for him to have sex with her.


    Rachel was naked at home and he thought that meant that she was asking for sex?! Like, WTF? He was so possessive of women and treated them as if they were objects, not actual human-beings.


    10. When he just refused to take the blame for his own actions.


    How about smoking weed, melting his father's records, blaming both on Chandler, flatly refusing to own up to it and then trying to deflect blame onto Monica?


    11. When he wouldn't give Joey his money back.


    When he REFUSED to give Joey his money back because he won it “fair and square” at Chandler’s made-up game designed to help Joey out financially.

    — amandac4b969f069

    He knew his friend was struggling financially and decided he didn’t care enough to help.


    12. When he fake outed Chandler on their school website for revenge.


    That was soooooo fucked up.


    13. The whole "male nanny" debacle.


    It's hard to pinpoint just ONE problematic Ross moment, but the episode that takes the cake is when he gives Sandy the Nanny a hard time just because he's a man working in a job traditionally associated with women. Never mind the fact that he's shown to be wonderful with Emma, and only Ross had an apparent problem with him, but to make things even worse, he even implies that Sandy couldn't possibly be straight, and that he's "at least bi".

    — Catriona Quigley, Facebook

    14. When he freaked out over Joey and Rachel's relationship.


    He kicked up such a fuss about Joey and Rachel's kiss despite having kissed Charlie as soon as she and Joey broke up! Joey was a way better friend and a better match for Rachel and this storyline really showed it.


    15. When he slept with someone else.


    Sleeping with someone else when they clearly weren't on a break! If you watch that episode, Rachel says "maybe" they should take a break from "us" and Ross just storms out without saying a word. Rachel didn't declare they were on a break, she clearly opened the door to a much bigger conversation and he just left! He cheated on Rachel, plain and simple, but then still for years he refused to admit they weren't on a break — he can't admit that he did something wrong and that he's a cheater. Even when they almost got back together at the beach house, he threw away his entire relationship because he refused to accept responsibility for what he did!


    16. When he didn't want Ben to play with a doll.


    I think the worst thing was his fragile masculinity being so intense that he spent an entire day with his son trying to take Ben's Barbie doll away from him.

    — leighb4658080f4

    17. When he made out with what he thought was a drunk, semi-unconscious Rachel who turned out to actually be Monica.


    The worst.


    18. His jealousy over Mark and possessiveness of Rachel.


    The way he acted when Rachel was working at Bloomingdale's. Barging into her workplace and refusing to leave when he was told, telling her it's "just a job" even though it was a job she loved and was proud of, and then acting like she owed him the time she spent working because he "didn't feel like he had a girlfriend". And then on top of all of that, all but accusing her of having an affair with her colleague Mark, because I guess she's not allowed to make friends in a new workplace.


    19. When he tried to ban Rachel from seeing other people, even when they weren't together.


    When Rachel went out with Phoebe for the first time after having Emma, she gave her phone number to a guy. When the guy called Ross and Rachel’s phone and Ross answered, he took the message but didn’t give it to Rachel. They discussed not having a romantic relationship, but Ross still barred her from seeing other people. Disgusting!


    20. When he just had to be right about everything.


    When he got angry about Phoebe thinking her cat was her grandmother. He valued his rational scientific identity more than his desire to make a friend feel comforted! She wasn’t hurting anyone but he just *had* to be right about everything!


    The whole Unagi thing where he just HAD to prove Rachel and Phoebe wrong about being taught self-defence and ended up attacking two women on the street.


    21. And finally, his homophobic comments.


    From mocking Chandler for kissing a guy, to the homophobia he directed at Carol and Susan and his fear that Emily was going to become a lesbian.

    Niknak119, l4bd8f1deb

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