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This TV Show Storyline Has Made People Really Fucking Mad


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This is Danny Dyer, who was cast as Mick Carter back in 2013. He quickly and unexpectedly became a firm favourite, and was low-key the saviour of EastEnders after a long period of low ratings. Mick is a sensitive and loving family man.

This is his wife, Linda. They were each other's first loves, and have been together since they were 15. Mick adores his wife and 4 kids – literally everything he does is to ensure their happiness.

They've weathered a few storms together during their time on Albert Square.


Helping one son through depression, and supporting another after he came out as gay. They've dealt with the possibility that their baby will be brain damaged, Linda's eating disorder, and cared for dying relatives.


But the best reflection of Mick's love for Linda was the way he handled her being raped in their own home by his half-brother Dean.

When Linda confided in him, Mick asked no questions, and instead offered his unending love and support. He supported her when she found out she was pregnant – potentially with Dean's baby. He stood by her when she gave evidence in the courtcase, and comforted her when Dean was acquitted.

Now, they've had a difficult few months after Linda went to live temporarily with her mother who's had a stroke. Not only have they been apart for the first time ever, but Mick has been grappling with the fact his daughter-in-law has feelings for him.

This is his daughter-in-law, Whitney. Her husband recently left her, but she's had a complex attraction to Mick for a while.


Whitney's had a troubled history with men. She was introduced to the soap 8 years ago as part of a huge storyline involving her being sexually abused by her step-father. Whitney then became involved in an abusive relationship which ended with her being forced into sex work.


Following the breakdown of her marriage, and after being involved in a near-fatal bus crash (Christ, this show is dramatic,) Whitney tried to kiss Mick a couple of months ago.


Any other character would probably have kissed her back. But, because it was Mick, who's FUCKING DEVOTED TO LINDA, he pulled away and told her in no uncertain terms that what she'd just tried was inappropriate.

Thanks to Danny Dyer recently taking some time off the soap due to exhaustion, Mick has been off our screens for a few weeks. In his absence, Whitney has descended into a full-on emotional meltdown.


She's started shoplifting and has left endless messages begging Mick to come back.

So, when Mick returned to our screens last week, I was fully expecting him to tell Whitney to stop the incessant phonecalls because it's just weird.


The writers clearly had different ideas, however, because on Friday's episode, the following exchange occurred.


And it's safe to say that people are in complete and utter disbelief at this storyline.

Okay so what happened between Whitney and Mick wasn't a bad fever dream. Sadly for Eastenders viewers

They are also really fucking angry.

I am fuming with eastenders why the fuck is mick getting with whitney @bbceastenders @BBCiPlayer 😡😡😡😡😡

Mick & Whitney is the worst decision @bbceastenders has ever made. #eastenders 😷


I am really angry about all this Mick/ Whitney stuff. #eastenders

@bbceastenders if I see #Whitney & #Mick #getinon anymore I think I'll actually vomit. No more #eastenders pleeeeaaassse.

Catching up with eastenders and I am fucking fuming at this Mick n Whitney storyline. 😷

And they're right, because it's bullshit.

I just remembered Eastenders is on tonight and felt my entire body physically dreading it. Well done Mick and Whitney affair storyline


Catching up with #eastenders. Fucking Whitney and Mick. WHAT A LOAD OF SHIT

Because Mick would never do this.

@bbceastenders why did you have to let mick and Whitney kiss. So annoyed. He wouldnt cheat on linda! #soaps #iknowitsfake #eastenders

Mick would never cheat on Linda. They've been through too much! They're so in love! They're the most solid, perfect couple on this fucking show!

@bbceastenders Who wrote the Mick and Whitney story? It's totally out of his nature to cheat on Linda. It's such a shame :( #eastenders


As well as the fact that the writers have SHIT ALL OVER literal years of characterising Mick and Linda as a solid couple.

For years #Eastenders built this Mick and Linda 'unbreakable' storyline for Whitney to come and home wreck the ting

In the space of 10 seconds, all this hard work has been undone.

#Eastenders undoing months of storylines with Mick & Linda by doing this stupid Mick & Whitney kiss/affair. Not everyone's a cheat 😒

I wish Mick kissing Whitney and ending everything that made his character so great was some sort of bad fever dream last night #Eastenders


People are even threatening to boycott the show.

@EastendersBlog if they continue with this vile storyline between Mick and Whitney I'm never watching again @MrDDyer #eastenders


That's it! No more @bbceastenders mick and Whitney? No.just no.#eastenders

Especially in light of all the recent changes EastEnders has undergone since the new executive producer began last year.

Killed Ronnie & Roxy, got rid of Pam & Les, closed the launderette, sacked Tracey & now Mick & Whitney. Fuck off Sean O'Connor #eastenders

While it's been confirmed that there'll be an ~explosive~ threehander episode involving Mick, Linda and Whitney in the near future – which, thanks to the acting credentials of all three will be epic – it's not enough to make up for RUINING MICK'S CHARACTER FOREVER.