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    A "KUWTK" Producer Gave Wild Behind-The-Scenes Details About How The Family Is Handling Shooting The Show Themselves During Quarantine

    A director of photography and technician dressed in full hazmat suits creating set-ups for confessionals in Kim’s house? Sure!

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    In case you didn't know, Keeping Up With the Kardashians was in the middle of shooting its 18th season when the coronavirus pandemic struck.

    Kim and Khloé Kardashian

    And when most of the world went into some form of lockdown, the most famous residents of Calabasas were not immune.

    In fact, back in March, Kim Kardashian revealed that the family were isolating away from each other and filming scenes for KUWTK themselves "using iPhones and tripods".

    Kim Kardashian during a video interview on The View

    And with the second half of the season due to continue in September, one of the veteran KUWTK producers, Farnaz Farjam, has explained how they're managing to shoot the show in the midst of a pandemic.

    Keeping Up With The Kardashians producer, Farnaz Farjam

    Speaking to Elle, Farnaz began by saying that the idea to self-shoot was actually Kris Jenner's.

    The original plan was to have only footage shot on the family's cellphones, but Farnaz quickly realised that viewers would get tired of all the low-quality footage. She decided they "needed proper interview spaces" for confessionals.

    Kim Kardashian

    But setting the confessionals up wasn't exactly straightforward. A director of photography and a technician — dressed in a full hazmat suits — created the setups in Kim and Khloé's houses.

    Every Monday a showrunner — fully-equipped with safety gear — drops off brand-new iPhones and collects the ones the family have used to film themselves over the last week.

    Apparently there's usually around 16 hours of footage, which is just enough to create a show — although some family members are better at capturing footage than others.

    When the episodes air, Farnaz is especially excited for viewers to see Kim attempting to navigate life in lockdown with four children.

    And she was also pleasantly surprised by Tristan stepping up to the plate to isolate with Khloé and help with True.

    Roll on, September!

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