Kristin Cavallari Just Reunited On Instagram With Ex-Boyfriend Stephen Colletti 4 Months After Her Split From Jay Cutler

    The pair, whose tempestuous relationship was charted on the show, haven't been photographed together since 2008.

    Anyone who was around to enjoy mid-00s reality TV will certainly have heard of Kristin Cavallari and Stephen Colletti, whose on/off relationship featured prominently on Laguna Beach.

    The pair dated for 4 years in high school, but their relationship fell apart after the Laguna Beach cameras arrived and producers encouraged Stephen to explore his feelings for Lauren Conrad. This led to an extremely intense, years-long feud between her and Kristin.

    The pair went their separate ways at the end of Laguna Beach, with Kristin going on to appear in The Hills before marrying NFL star Jay Cutler and eventually starring in her own reality show, Very Cavallari.

    Stephen, meanwhile, featured in one episode of The Hills in 2008, and then appeared in a handful of TV movies.

    According to TMZ, the pair have remained friends all of these years, but they hadn't been photographed in the same room since 2008.

    However, that all changed on Tuesday night, when Kristin sent every fan of Laguna Beach on the planet into a complete tailspin after posting this photo of herself and Stephen on Instagram.

    "2004 or 2020?!" she wrote in the caption of the post showing the pair hugging.

    Within hours, the post had racked up 490,000 likes and almost 50,000 comments from people completely losing their minds over the reunion.

    The shock was perhaps more intense given that Kristin announced her split from husband Jay earlier this year, leading to many fans questioning whether she and Stephen were actually rekindling their relationship.

    However, that notion was swiftly shut down by Kristin's BFF Justin Anderson who left this comment dismissing the inevitable "internet rumours" over their relationship status.

    Either way, a spinoff needs to be commissioned immediately.