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    Here's Why Khloé Kardashian Chose To Name Her Baby "True"

    The reason for the name is actually really lovely.

    Yesterday, Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson announced that they have named their baby girl True.

    However, just days before True arrived last Thursday, the couple were hit with allegations that Tristan had cheated on Khloé during her pregnancy.

    And because the internet is the internet, it didn't take long before people began questioning the name "True" in the context of the allegations.

    Ah. Khloe Kardashian named her daughter True Thompson. The one thing her father never was. True. Look at juxtaposition.

    did she name her baby True Thompson because rumors about Tristan cheating were.....true?

    So Khloe has the damn nerves to name her daughter True Thompson when daddy Thompson nothing about the truth 🤬

    Ironic that Khloe Kardashian named her baby True Thompson knowing full well her baby Daddy is anything but a truther

    In fact, there were so many savage comments that the Momager™ herself, Kris Jenner, stepped in to set the record straight on why Khloé had chosen the name – and it's actually really lovely.


    Taking to Instagram, Kris revealed that "True" had been the middle name of both her paternal grandfather and her biological father who died when she was 20.

    And she revealed how "excited" she'd been to hear that Khloé was to continue tradition.

    So the jokes can stop now, people.


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