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    Kim Kardashian Clapped The Fuck Back Over Claims She Left Saint In Hospital To Party On NYE

    "Don't even try me when it comes to my kids."

    Kim Kardashian confirmed on Tuesday that her 2-year-old son, Saint West, was hospitalised with pneumonia over the Christmas break.

    She revealed in an Instagram post that Saint had spent three nights in hospital "hooked up to oxygen machines," but was now on the mend.

    However, because it's 2018 and apparently we still can't have nice things, people were quick to point out that Kim threw a New Year's Eve party at her home and reached the conclusion that she'd left Saint to celebrate with her friends.

    It wasn't long before one of the fans that Kim follows on Twitter vented frustration at the speculation, saying that people seem to "love to hate" her.

    why do people continuously think KimYe were “partying” New years Eve while saint was at the hospital? Kim & Kanye l…

    people are really stupid to think Kim and Kanye left saint in the hospital sick while they partied on New Years Eve…

    And after seeing his tweet, Kim wasted absolutely no time in shutting all that speculation the hell down.


    She stated that she didn't leave Saint "for one minute" during his time in hospital and that the party only went ahead once he was home and well.

    Go Kim. 👏


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