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    Kim Kardashian Shaded The People Who Got Mad At ~Those~ Vacation Pics Posted Amid Khloé's Relationship Drama

    And she also explained the real reason for deleting them.

    Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you'll be aware that just days before she gave birth, Khloé Kardashian's relationship was rocked by cheating allegations.

    You may also know that within hours of the news breaking, Kim Kardashian went on an Instagram spree from her tropical vacation.

    And, despite the fact that Kim would likely have been in constant contact with Khloé despite not being physically with her, people were really not happy about it.

    Even when she flew to Cleveland to be there as Khloé gave birth and then praised her sister's strength on Twitter afterwards, Kim was spammed with comments calling her "insensitive."

    She then removed three of the photos altogether, which people took as a response to the criticism.

    However, it turns out it wasn't. Because just a few days later, Kim revealed that she'd removed the photos because she just wasn't feeling their ~vibe.~

    And then she reposted several of the pictures, including this one which actually received the most criticism.

    But anyone who watches KUWTK will know that nothing gets past Kim, and she's rarely one to stand for false gossip without giving some response.


    So, she posted the photo alongside this shady caption, seemingly aimed at all those who'd criticised her for not being with Khloé.

    And people found the caption hilarious.

    Never change, Kim.


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