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    Kim Kardashian Believes God Is The Reason For Chicago Looking More Like Her Than Kanye West

    "She's literally my twin."

    If you've spent any time keeping up with the Kardashians, you'll now that last year Kim enlisted the help of a gestational carrier in order to have a third child.

    And, in January this year, little Chicago was born.

    It's safe to say that Chicago is one adorable baby who bares more than a massing resemblance to Kim. In fact, back in August, Kim described Chi as "her twin."

    But Kim has now opened up about the resemblance, revealing that she believes god deliberately made Chicago look "just like her" to ensure the pair had a bond since Kim didn't carry or give birth to her.

    And Kim went on to reveal that while surrogacy was "the best thing [she] ever did," she did feel sad that she wasn't physically pregnant at the same time as Khloé and Kylie.

    But at least all three babies are the best of friends now.