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Kim Kardashian Forgot To Tell Scott Disick She Was Having Another Baby And It's Awkward As Hell

This is painful.

When Kim Kardashian confirmed at the end of September that she and Kanye West were expecting a third baby via a surrogate, the whole world knew about it.

Kim had actually told her family the news back in May, but it seems that there was one member who didn't get the memo.

A certain Mr Scott Disick.

In a clip from this week's Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we see the moment Scott finds out the news and it's awkward AF.

In the clip, we see Kim giving Scott a tour of the nursery in her new home. Scott, however, was immediately confused.

So Kim confirmed that it was a nursery, before listing off all the items she needed to buy in order to furnish it.

But Scott was still confused.

Before the penny dropped.

At which point, it was Kim's turn to be confused.

And then things got super awkward.

Scott, still incredulous dismissed Kim's news as "a joke." And she responded by "swearing" that it most definitely was not.

But Scott then looked visibly hurt and literally walked out of the room, saying this. 😞

Judging by the fact that Kim seems to be wearing a wig in this scene to cover the yellow hair she had to endure for a week before going blonde back in early September, it's likely that the scene was shot around four months before Chicago was born, and therefore five months into the pregnancy.

Let's just hope Kim remembered to inform him of little Chicago's arrival.

You can watch the full clip here.

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