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    Khloé Kardashian Disabled Her Instagram Comments On Every Photo Of Tristan Thompson

    There's a lot to unpack here.

    If you've been ~keeping up with the Kardashians~ lately, you'll know that there's been a shedload of drama between Khloé and her boyfriend/baby daddy, Tristan Thompson.

    Since then, while Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner have publicly addressed the reports, Khloé has remained pretty quiet on the subject which has fuelled speculation as to whether she and Tristan are back together.

    Well, over the past week, Khloé's Instagram activity has made people question whether perhaps she and Tristan are on the road to working things out.

    First up is the fact that Khloé has been sharing some very ~cryptic~ messages on her Instagram stories. The first, which was a quote about your heart "belonging" to someone, appeared on Tuesday.

    The next day, Khloé posted this quote about living life to the fullest.

    She also posted this message about the importance of communication during emotional "healing."

    And, finally, she shared this quote about letting go of negativity.

    Then, after sharing all of these quotations, Khloé went on to disable comments on every single recent photo of Tristan on her Instagram account.

    The comments on her other photos remain in tact.

    It wasn't long before people noticed.

    Damn Khloe disabled all the comments on the pics of her and Tristan. That's truly self care

    So Khloe got the comments section disabled under all the pictures with her and Tristan together lol. She know. Silly rabbit

    And began speculating that her Instagram activity meant she was back together with Tristan. Some were here for it.

    You know something when you're in love with someone, you're in love with them and their faults. We all know He cheated and he is remorseful buy move along. She love him and I back @khloekardashian @RealTristan13

    While others were definitely not.

    I don’t know why but I’m still mad that Khloe is still with Tristan. I feel like she’s my friend and she didn’t take my advice

    But it looks like we'll be waiting a little while longer before Khloé outwardly confirms or denies anything herself. Until then I'll be keeping a close eye on Instagram for any further clues.