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    Kourtney Kardashian Said Kim's "Core Moral Values" Were Why She Replaced Her As Legal Guardian To Her Kids

    Just when we thought things couldn't get more savage between the sisters.

    I doubt I really need to catch you up on the drama that's recently gone down between the Kardashian sisters, but if you've somehow missed it, allow me to briefly fill you in.

    Well, it turns out there's even more awkwardness in store, after a teaser clip for this weekend's episode was released showing a tense conversation filmed before Khloé gave birth about who would be her baby's legal guardian should anything happen to her.

    Things began with Khloé announcing that she'd decided to entrust Kim as her baby's legal guardian because she identified more with her "parenting style."

    Kim looked pretty smug about the whole thing, while Kourtney appeared less than impressed.

    Then, during her testimonial, Khloé revealed that she "respected" Kim's parenting style more than Kourtney's.

    Kourtney then shut Khloé down, telling her she didn't mind the decision since she's already busy with three kids and is hoping to have at least one more.

    And she then delivered a sarcastic "congratulations" to Kim.

    Kourtney added that she had "gone back and forth" between Kim and Khloé when it came to choosing a legal guardian for her own kids but that she currently would like the task to go to Khloé.

    And when Kim asked why Kourtney had gone back to Khloé, she gave this savage response.

    In Kourtney's testimonial, she said she was "disappointed" by Khloé's decision, and implied she hoped she might change her mind.

    However, judging from what Khloé has said since giving birth, it seems she really does have more in common with Kim when it comes to parenting.

    You can watch the full clip here.

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