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What Tiny Detail Did You Almost Completely Missed In A TV Show?

Tell us the tiny hidden details that blew your mind.

Everyone loves relaxing with a favourite TV show, but have you ever spotted something in the background that's so ridiculously clever you can't believe it almost passed you by?


It could be the way Arrested Development foreshadowed Buster getting his hand bitten off by a seal in the cleverest of ways.


Or perhaps you noticed that after being asked to name the categories of Monica's towels during the trivia quiz episode of Friends...


We get to see them later in the episode on the boxes the girls are packing after losing their apartment.


That's kitchen towels, old towels and beach towels to name just a few.

Maybe you were blown away by the sheer number of hidden details and Easter eggs in Breaking Bad — like, for example, the pants that Walter loses in the first episode showing up just before the finale.


It could be something cute, like the details on the Magna Doodle board in the background of Joey's apartment referencing plotpoints.


Or something really clever but easily missed — like this count down to Marshall's father's death on How I Met Your Mother.


Whether it's an Easter egg, a hidden message or something else entirely, let us know the tiny details you almost never noticed in your favourite TV shows using the DropBox below.

The best responses will be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post or video!