Emma Watson Shut Down Criticism Of Her Beyoncé Comments

    Many people called Emma hypocritical after she posed topless when she'd previously criticised Beyoncé for being oversexualised. Now she's defended herself.

    Last week, Emma Watson caused ~controversy~ by appearing in Vanity Fair in a semi-sheer top and no bra.

    Criticism poured in, from people suggesting she was compromising her feminism by posing topless and headlines objectifying her.

    Emma Watson: "Feminism, feminism... gender wage gap... why oh why am I not taken seriously... feminism... oh, and h… https://t.co/rdVh7oANCs

    A couple of days later, Emma responded to the criticism, saying that feminism is about "freedom and choice."

    She said:

    Feminism is about giving women choice. Feminism is not a stick with which to beat other women with. It's about freedom, it's about liberation, it's about equality.

    However, many people remembered an interview she gave three years ago in which she revealed she felt "conflicted" over Beyoncé for calling herself a feminist while appealing to the male gaze.

    Lots of people said it was a prime example of white feminism.

    Emma Watson bashing Beyoncé for exposing her body but then does the same thing is the definition of white feminism

    I am never surprised at the amount of white feminists who refuse to acknowledge race in the critique of other white feminists.

    Well, Emma has now defended herself by sharing a longer transcript of the interview with her quotes contextualised.

    This is the part of my 2014 interview with Tavi where we talked about Beyoncé. My words are in bold.

    She drew attention to certain sections of the interview by highlighting them – including this quote in which she explained her conflict.

    And this one, in which she appears to suggest that Beyoncé presenting herself as sexually empowered as well as intellectual and feminine while not negating her feminist message was one of her main appeals.

    Many people praised Emma for defending herself.

    @EmmaWatson because people need to stop dragging down people who are actually making an effort!

    And insisted that Emma's full quotes actually praised Beyoncé.

    Emma Watson did NOT say Beyoncé wasn't a feminist. She considered all sides of the issue and ultimately praised her… https://t.co/FZroopNM9i

    But some still weren't here for Emma's feminism.

    Emma Watson doesn't get to say "Beyonce is putting herself in the category of feminist but _____ is bad, I don't like ____."

    Well, let's face it – both Emma and Beyoncé are queens.