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    Chrissy Teigen Repeatedly Called John Legend A "Dick" On Twitter And It's Amazing

    "Anyone else think John Legend is a huge dick on The Voice because he is."

    Chrissy Teigen, as we all know, is the reigning queen of Twitter.

    And if there's one thing she's great at, it's trolling her husband John Legend.

    Well, she's gone and made everyone's day by once again roasting the hell out of him.

    It all began with some low-key shade.

    With her revealing she was more emotional about a fictional wedding than she was her own.

    But then Chrissy told Fox News she "detests" them and John tweeted to say he loved her for it.

    And she really kicked things up a notch.

    And almost instantly regretted it.

    But that didn't stop her from continuing to troll him throughout the evening, after he gave some pretty tough criticism on The Voice.

    Twitter: @chrissyteigen

    She's honestly got the tone and spelling of a troll down.

    And as he kept the critiques coming, Chrissy provided the insults.

    She called him a "dick."

    And just in case he missed it the first time, she made sure to tell him again.

    Before rounding things off with this Twitter search.



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