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Blake Lively Roasted Herself For Wearing Seven Outfits In One Day

Well played, Blake.

Blake Lively is currently on the promotional trail for her new movie, All I See Is You.

And yesterday she had so many interviews lined up that she paraded around New York in no fewer than SEVEN different outfits.

That's right. Seven outfit changes in one day.

And it didn't take long before the news was everywhere.

With opinion on Twitter divided.

blake lively really wore like seven different outfits in one day huh what a queen

tf is blake lively trying to prove with seven outfit changes in one day. We know ur rich love

However, it appears that Blake was anticipating the comments about her outfit changes, and so spent the day roasting herself on Instagram.

First she shared this photo, mocking those "candid" accessory shots.

Then posted this photo with the most relatable caption of all time.

She then rinsed herself for hanging out next to a shed.

And revealed what really happens when you're a celebrity wearing designer couture.

Before finally rounding things off with this perfect caption.

Well played, Blake.