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    Sep 14, 2018

    Blake Lively Thought A Photographer Made A Comment About Her Breasts On The Red Carpet And The Story Is Hilarious

    "Ohhhh! My tweets. My tweets are amazing."

    You probably know that Blake Lively is a phenomenal actor, wife and tweeter.

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    And over the past week she's been touring the US to promote her new movie, A Simple Favour.

    One such appearance involved her wearing this outfit to a red carpet. And let's just say it led to some hilarious confusion.

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    Speaking on The Tonight Show, Blake revealed that the flash from cameras made her top see-through — something she hadn't noticed until she was about to leave her hotel ahead of the appearance.


    She said: "I didn't realise it was see-through, the shirt. That's not a look I was going for. It went see-through with the flash."

    Blake went on to reveal that she'd attempted to source some duct tape from the hotel to somehow fix the situation, but none was available. As a result, she was super paranoid as she made her way to the red carpet.


    Blake said: "I was so worried about opening my arms to put them around people. And you know when you're freaking out about something and you're aware of it so everything that everyone says seems to be pointing out this thing that you're paranoid about that no one's really noticing?!"

    Once she got to the red carpet and began tentatively posing, Blake heard a photographer call out what sounded like: "Blake! Your tits are amazing!"


    She said: "And I'm like, "What? Are we saying that? Have you not been on Google in the past year? This is not OK." And the woman next to him goes, "Well, they are."

    But when the photographer yelled that Ryan Reynolds' tweets were "even better," the penny dropped.


    She said: "And then they yelled, "And your husband's tweets are even better!" And I was like, "Ohhh! Tweets! My tweets are amazing."

    And Blake concluded a story by joking about her response to the compliment.


    She said: "I was so relieved that it was about my mind. But then after I was like, "But how are they [my breasts]?" Who cares what's in a woman's head!"

    You can watch the full hilarious clip here.

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