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    30 Sandals From Walmart That'll Be Easy On Your Eyes *And* Your Feet

    Including slides, wedges, and more stylish sandals.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A pair of slides with thick, cushioned soles to make you feel like you're walking on clouds. You're going to want to wear these at home, running errands, and maybe even while you nap — they're that comfortable.

    The sandals in purple

    2. A pair of Crocs toe post sandals if you want something you can walk around in all day while still looking fashionable and put together. Just picture yourself exploring Barcelona sporting these bad boys.

    The sandals in pink

    3. A pair of footbed sandals that reviewers say look and feel similar in quality to Birkenstocks. The contoured footbed allows the sandal to mold to your feet, cutting down on break-in time which is the only not-so-fun part of buying new shoes.

    The sandal in camo

    4. A pair of flatform sandals guaranteed to become a warm weather staple because they'd look great with pretty much anything — mini skirt, jeans, romper, whatever you choose, these shoes are going to add a perfect touch of trendiness. And they have a secure ankle strap, so you don't have to worry about them slipping off.

    black and tan flatform sandal

    5. A pair of braided sandals with a little bit of a platform that has a nice cushy sole, so they're as comfortable as they are adorable.

    someone wearing the sandals in white

    6. A pair of platform sandal heels which I can personally vouch for because Circus by Sam Edelman heels are the comfiest heels I've ever worn. I wore these in pink to my brother's wedding, tore it up on the dance floor, and killed it at karaoke with ZERO blisters. Highly recommend.

    7. A pair of Steve Madden platform slide sandals that are giving me major late '90s/early '00s vibes. All you need is a long denim skit, a halter top, and butterfly clips, and you might as well be a Delia's model.

    The sandal in dark green

    8. An outdoor sandal similar to Tevas but costs a fraction of the price. The arch support and Velcro straps make them the perfect shoe for warm-weather adventures, so get ready to hit the beach, mountains, and garden in these this summer.

    the sandal in a plaid pattern

    9. A fun lil' platform wedge moment with some rope detailing along the edges because you need the perfect pair of sandals to go with all your sundresses that have been in storage for the winter, dying to get out and see the sun again.

    A person wearing the shoes

    10. Or a pair of these '90s-styled platform flip-flops that are just as comfortable as regular flip-flops, but have a little extra height to elevate you *and* your look.

    A pair of these shoes on a model in light blue

    11. A pair of heels with a puffy strap so you have a reliable dressy shoe you can wear that is high enough to give you an extra little bit of height but not so tall that you accidentally sprain your ankle wearing them.

    The heels in tan

    12. A pair of braided wedge sandals for when you're on vacation at the beach and need something cute and comfy to wear out to dinner after a long day of sunbathing and sipping on piña coladas.

    A brown braided wedge sandal

    13. A pair of pink cheetah print footbed sandals made out of rubber for a fresh take on the traditional slide. And the strap is adjustable, so every step you take is as comfortable as it is fashionable.

    The sandal

    14. A pair of chunky black sandal heels to help you achieve that badass rocker chic look without leaving blisters after a night of rockin' and rollin'.

    The sandal

    15. A pair of closed-toe fisherman sandals if you want to look like a grandfather doing yard work and a toddler at the same time, because isn't that always the goal?

    The sandals in light beige

    16. A pair of bedazzled footbed sandals to dress up even the simplest of outfits. For real, you could've worn these to the Coronation and outdressed King Charles.

    A pair of white slides with bedazzled straps

    17. A pink little wedge, so when you go see the new Barbie movie this summer, you look like you belong in the Malibu Barbie collection yourself. Plus, they have foam footbeds, so they're comfortable *and* stylish.

    the pink wedge with a clear ankle strap

    18. Or maybe a pair of these hot pink metallic strappy slide sandals if you want to live the Malibu Barbie fantasy but aren't really into wearing heels.

    The sandal

    19. A pair of light blue bow thong sandals that'll make your feet look like adorable presents because, let's face it, you're a gift, queen!

    The sandal

    20. A pair of versatile mules with cris-cross straps and a memory foam sole, so whether you're dancing the night away, taking a stroll, or going out for brunch, your feet are going to be lookin' and feelin' good.

    The shoe in light brown

    21. A pair of these vibrant orange block heel sandals if you want to feel like an "It girl" this summer. Seriously, these are so cute, and for $30, you might as well get them in black too.

    The heel

    22. A pair of dressy rhinestone strap sandals with a stretchy heel strap and padded arch support because stuntin' on everyone at your next party should not come at the cost of comfort. Beauty doesn't have to be pain, people!

    The sandal in light beige

    23. A pair of printed espadrille wedges that are the ideal accessory for a picnic day, booze cruise, Fourth of July, or dinner out. We love a shoe that can do it all, am I right?

    An espadrille sandal wedge with red floral details

    24. A pair of bedazzled nature sandals with supportive arches so that even when you're camping or hiking, you can still feel just a lil' ~fancy.~

    A black bedazzled nature sandal

    25. A pair of pink, braided rope flat sandals because you need the perfect shoe to complement the pink pedicure you got to celebrate the sun coming out for the first time in months.

    The sandal

    26. A pair of these sparkly rhinestone sandals if you're looking for the glamour of the red carpet but the comfort of a pair of slides — win-win.

    The sandals in white

    27. A pair of gladiator sandals so you can look like the badass ready for battle (and you won't even have to worry about blisters because reviewers say wearing these feels like wearing slippers).

    A gladiator sandal in brown leather

    28. A pair of these adorable orthopedic sandals that feature an adjustable back strap, a non-slip rubber sole, and a soft toe post, so no matter how much stompin' around you do in these, your feet won't suffer.

    A model wearing yellow sandals with a flower detail on the front

    29. A pair of flip-flops with a cushy terry cloth strap, so you don't have to worry about any hard plastic in between your toes that'll end up hurting after about 20 minutes of walking.

    The flip flops in black

    30. And finally, a pair of wedge flip-flop sandals with a cute lil' flower on them and rhinestone detailing on the straps that'll have you getting tons of compliments. But that's not all! The footbed features a textured rubber that feels like a mini massage with every step! Your feet will thank you!

    The sandal in beige

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