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    27 Pairs Of Shoes To Instantly Refresh Your Wardrobe This Spring

    Because spring cleaning is for making room for new shoes, duh.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A pair of platform Crocs that are literally the comfiest things you will ever put on your feet. I have two pairs, and I wear them pretty much every day because they go with everything. If you want your feet to look as good as they feel, these shoes are for you.

    A pair of black platform crocs with silver charms on them,

    2. A pair of these platform cork mules for making you look straight out of the Woodstock Festival in 1969 (nice). Perfect for dressing up with a midi skirt and a peasant blouse or dressing down with a pair of bell-bottom jeans and a tank top. How groovy!

    someone wearing the shoes which have colorful cris-crossing detail

    3. A pair of sparkly jelly flats because the Y2K aesthetic is very in right now, and you deserve to relive some early 2000s glam. Plus, because they're rubber, they're super easy to clean, so they look fresher for longer!

    reviewer wearing the shoes

    4. A pair of slides with thick, cushioned soles that will make you feel like you are walking on clouds. You're going to want to wear these at home, running errands, and maybe even while you nap because they are that comfortable.

    someone's feet wearing a pair of black slides

    5. A pair of these silver metallic Mary Janes with little bows on them that will have you feeling like you're 5 years old again, dressing up like a fairy, except you're actually in your mid-20s and work in marketing.

    A pair of the shoes

    6. A pair of Adidas Grand Court tennis shoes designed to look good with any outfit. It's always helpful to have a staple pair of shoes you can throw on and not have to think about.

    someone wearing jeans wearing a pair of black and white tennis shoes

    7. A pair of colorful waterproof rain boots for those April showers that are supposedly going to bring May flowers. The anti-slip technology on the soles makes it so you don't have to worry as much about falling as you frolic in the puddles.

    someone wearing a pair of red rain boots

    8. A pair of these comfy platform espadrilles that are basically meant for exploring the streets of Santorini and meeting a summer fling. I guess it's time for you to live out the plot of Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

    A pair of light blue espadriilles

    9. A hightop sneaker with thousands of 5-star reviews that will never not be in style. Seriously, these are the shoes that your grandma and Gen Z niece can get behind.

    someone wearing the black Converse

    10. A pair of classy pointed-toe mules that will elevate any outfit while not killing your feet in the process. These are ideal for peeps who want to dress up but might have some high-heel aversions (me).

    Feet wearing a pair of snake skin mules

    11. A pair of these vibrant platform clogs you can slide right into when you're ready to go out to lunch, grab coffee with a friend, or hit up the farmers market on a sunny spring day!

    A pair of orange platform clogs on a black chair

    12. A pair of slip-on clogs with memory foam arch support that's ideal for anyone who is on their feet all day but still wants to look cute.

    Someone wearing a pair of black clogs

    13. A pair of stilettos with an ankle strap that comes in 17 colors for those of us who are trying to live out our Carrie Bradshaw fantasy on a budget.

    A person with short black hair wearing a white jacket dress with while pointed stiletto heels

    14. A pair of these top-rated platform New Balance sneakers for when you want to wear something casual with a li'l ~flare~. Brb, adding these to cart.

    someone wearing a pair of the shoes in grey

    15. A pair of Teva sandals — these are like all-terrain vehicles for your feet. I have a pair of these, and I've worn them walking my dog around the block and hiking the Narrows at Zion National Park. We love a shoe that can do it all, so wear the tan lines as a badge of honor!

    Someone with blue toenail polish wearing a pair or yellow Tevas sandals.

    16. A stylish pair of loafers so you can look like the working professional that you are, even if you work from home and usually sport more of a slippers and socks situation.

    someone wearing a pair of shiny black loafers

    17. A pair of these woven Italian leather penny loafers that will never go out of style. You're going to want to wear these with pretty much every outfit you put together this spring.

    someone wearing jeans wearing brown penny loafers

    18. A pair of slingback pumps with a heel that's low enough that you don't have to worry about twisting your ankle but high enough to add a little va-va-voom to any ensemble.

    A person's foot wearing a black shoe with a small chunky heel

    19. A pair of these Doc Marten sandals for when you want to exude the badassery of a combat boot but want the comfort of a sandal for the warmer months ahead. Plus, the zipper in the front makes them easy to get on and off.

    model wearing the white sandals

    20. A pair of platform Doc Martens Chelsea boots that will make you feel like an absolute badass, whether you're wearing leather motorcycle pants or a floral sundress. They may take a second to break in, but it'll be worth it.

    A person wearing a pair of the shoes

    21. A pair of these leather boot-sandal hybrids with just the slightest bit of heel so you can feel like the beachy goddess that you are, even if you're just going grocery shopping.

    Someone's feet wearing a pair of the sandals in a light brown color

    22. A pair of Hoka One One Clifton tennis shoes sure to convert even the staunchest cardio hater into a runner (or at least a speed walker, like me). I have horrible knee pain, but I've completed two half marathons in these shoes; they're a total game-changer. Plus, they're also super cute and great for just everyday wear.

    someone wearing black leggings and a pair of black Hoka sneakers

    23. A pair of these platform sandals just like the ones you wore when you were little when your parents made you dress up for special occasions.

    A picture of the sandal

    24. A footbed sandal reviewers say looks and feels similar in quality to Birkenstocks. The contoured footbed allows the sandal to mold to your feet, cutting down on break-in time which is the only not-so-fun part of buying new shoes.

    someone wearing a pair of black sandals with braiding detail

    25. A classic pair of Havaianas flip flops that were a staple in every 2000s wardrobe for a reason. Getting a pedicure? Wear these. Going to the beach? Wear these. Staying up past your bedtime to watch the premiere of High School Musical 2? Wear these.

    A circle of Havaiana flip flops in white, pink, rose pink, yellow, light pink, orange, blue, grey, navy, and white on a wooden background

    26. A pair of Crocs low wedge sandals perfect for walking around all day while still looking fashionable and put together. Just picture yourself exploring Paris sporting these bad boys, and you'll understand why you need them.

    27. And last but not least, a pair of these fun sandals with braided straps that are just as easy to toss on as slides but are slightly dressier.

    a slide sandal with tan braids

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.