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Which Dump (+friends) Member Are You?

Are you loud? You may think you're a Hanna. Sarcastic? A Sam. Nosey? A Meg. Drunk? A Devin. Take this quiz to find out where you truly lie.

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  1. A boy walks up to you at a bar and asks to buy you a drink. What do you say?

    "Can I get two?"
    "Yes"? What else would you say?
    "Oh wow! Thanks! Sure um if you want I guess..."
    "Vodka Tonic plz"
    "I just bought a round, but I'll take another!"
    "Of course!!!" Can't turn down a FREE drink. Talk to him and leave as soon as the drink gets there.
    Walk away and pretend I didn't hear them talking to me
    "We both got in???? Heck yea"
    Insult him with some sarcastic comment
    "Wait? What? Me??" (awkward laugh)
    "That's okay! Thank you so much though!"
  2. It's Thursday night. Where can we most likely find you?

    In my bed ~alone~
    Snuggling watching Christmas movies
    Granny or Taco Bell
    Depends on what personality is out to play that night
    At my apartment getting ahead on next week's responsibilities
    If I have a pulse, I'm at the Granny
    In the library trying to figure out if I can get everything done in time to meet up with everyone
    Pissed bc the granny denied me for the 20th time
    Encouraging everyone to drink raspberry Burnett's
    Doing last minute homework for my Friday class
  3. It's your turn on the aux. What are we listening to?

    Early 2000's R&B
    I'm not on the aux, too much pressure
    90's/2000's throwback playlist
    Chance, derp
    Christmas trap
    Acoustic covers GET THE PEOPLE GOING
    Talking Body
    Nothing. The aux cord is my worst fear.
    Shania Twain karaoke
    Mambo No. 5
    Goodbye Earl
  4. The pregame is getting started and you go to grab your *signature* drink. What is it?

    Pinnaple burnettes & sprite
    anything within reach tbh
    Vodka tonic
    Michelob Ultra (the ultimate mom beer)
    Jim Beam and Diet Coke
    Raspberry Burnasty & whatever chaser I can steal from other people
    Pineapple juice, cranberry juice, orange juice and pineapple rum.
  5. You have a big test coming up. How are you holding up?

    Feeling alright I have a couple days to study
    Probably fine until Pam yells at me to study more
    Probably cramming
    I am taking a nap in the library to deal with my stress
    pumping my veins with Starbucks iced coffee, not sleeping, and complaining A LOT
    Confidence is key
    Stressed~binge drinking hella McDonalds Diet Coke to cope
    Not talking to anyone, secluding myself to my room.
    Calm on the outside, panicking on the inside
    Panicking & annoyed
    terrible night at the library followed by stressed eating fast food while probably haven't showered in a few days
  6. If you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

    I hate this question
  7. No one's around. What is your favorite guilty pleasure?

    Napping for at least 2 hours
    jammin to old school Taylor swift
    Eating obscene amounts Chips and Queso in my bed, binge watching Chopped
    Graeter's Black Raspberry Chip
    HGTV Fixer Upper
    McDonald's Diet Coke
    Reading a book
    Belting listen by Beyoncé
    Mexican food
    Being naked (even if people are around)
  8. What are your current feelings about boys?

    Boys?? I prefer MEN.
    They're fun
    Some are spectacular so you can't settle
    What is a boy?????
    I have no expectations
    I like 'em
    love them, but still trying to have my own fun college experience without them
    If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all
    Kiss 'em and run
  9. It's the morning after a night out. Where are you going to eat?

    Ate too much Papa John's last night. Need to remain horizontal.
    Jimmy Johns
    Brunch of any kind
    Jimmy John's with extra mayo
    Chipotle WITH all the rice and sour cream
    I won't wake up until lunchtime and then I will get Skyline
    McDonalds sausage biscuit
    brunch brunch brunch
  10. What do you love more than yourself?

    My parents
    My dog
    Sisterhood <3
    Pancakes with no syrup
    Chicken noodle soup
    My pup Max :-)
    El Nopal
    Ice cream
    UofL Athletics GO CARDS
    RSOs (lol)
  11. Just got a paycheck. What are you going to do with the money?

    Budget out a percentage to spend on food and alcohol and save the rest
    Buy something for all of my roommates (cleaning supplies or decor)
    Buy a new thottie skirt
    Shop & eat
    Save it for SPRANG BREAK
    Spend it at bath and body works on exotic candles
    Shopping spree at the Loft
    50/50 food and online shopping
    Spend it on brunch
    Already spent it on alcohol and clothes:/
    Yoga classes cause that ish is expensive.
  12. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?

    Twerked on stage with a pillow in my pants and WON the competition
    Peed my pants at work
    I don't have enough characters to explain. Lmao
    flooded a street from crashing into a fire hydrant with my mom's minivan
    My freshman year
    I'm truly just an embarrassing person. Can't choose one.
    Shit my pants on a date (at chipotle)
    I'm always poised and put together - so nothing
    Farting as a freshmen on the track team with 4 upper classman boys?
    All of middle school and most of highschool
    Every photo I took in middle school
  13. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

    Bein a boss girl
    Working but still living with my parents
    Graduated from PT school, probably single, has season tickets to all UofL sporting events,
    In Louisville, still in med school - making no money
    Hopefully a bit more organized..
    Making tons of money, traveling the world
    Worlds only CPA described as "life of the party" -- still drinking Burnett's tho
    Graduated from Med School. Probably still single/poor. Looking for a suga daddy (only 40+).
    single, attending all of my friends' weddings
    Traveling the world and content
    Still telling myself I will start eating better and working out and instead still getting Mexican food regularly
  14. If a movie/tv show were to describe your life, what would it be?

    27 Dresses
    New Girl
    The Big Bang Theory
    How I met your mother.. lily and Marshall
    The Office, duh
    30 Rock- people say my life resembles that of Liz Lemon's and idk how to feel about that
    Grey's Anatomy
    Cheaper by the Dozen
    robin from how I met your mother
    Game of Thrones (not rele but LUV the show)
  15. What is your life motto?

    Do what makes you happy, no one else deserves to get in the way of that.
    No drama. Just love.
    Idgaf, do what you want
    Classy, sassy, & a bit smart assy
    Jesus plz. All I want is a 4.0 and a fat ass.
    Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody
    Embrace your emotions, even the tears
    Just keep swimming
    Revel in the moment
    I'm just going to wing it

Which Dump (+friends) Member Are You?

You got: You're an Ellie!

Congrats! You are the epitome of "work hard, play harder." May be described by some as a little too wild, but everyone knows deep down that you got your shit together. Go send yo frands a see a chug, send a chug and be prepared for a good night. FTK, amirite?????

You're an Ellie!
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You got: You're a Devin!

Congrats! Most likely you won't finish reading this post because a margarita will distract you. Nevertheless, you definitely are go with the flow and always down for an adventure. Strap on because you never know what life's going to throw at you next.

You're a Devin!
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You got: You're a Hanna!

Congrats! People may say that you are loud, over-the-top, and dramatic, but we all know that you have the biggest heart (and butt) out there. You may be young, but nothing is stopping you from having a good time. Grab your planner and pencil in a trip to Chipotle ASAP.

You're a Hanna!
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You got: You're a Pam!

Congrats! Mom, is that you? It's always a special night when Pam comes out, especially if Talking Body is on the aux. You probably will still be the most responsible one there -- shaking your head at all of your friends and the mistakes that they are making. But hey, at least you have your ESPN app to distract you from the debauchery.

You're a Pam!
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You got: You're a Meghan!

Congrats! We are surprised that you were able to navigate this quiz seeing how tech savvy you are. You may be spreading a rumor or looking for your keys, but you keep everyone in line -- except for when you drink Tequila. God bless the future of America that you are educating each and every day with your sass.

You're a Meghan!
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You got: You're an Andrea!

Congrats! This is probably the first Buzzfeed quiz that you have ever taken, but your FOMO forced you to do it. Whether you're binge watching another Netflix series or blacking out with your mom, not much can stress you out. Calm, cool, and collected. Now crack open that beer (or 5).

You're an Andrea!
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You got: You're a Morgan!

Congrats! You must just be the sweetest thing around, though those that know you best know you have a sassy side. You over-prepare and over-analyze but we all know you also love to let your hair down. By golly, you will #NeverGetShoverHim.

You're a Morgan!
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You got: You're a Sam!

Congrats! Not the most sentimental? It's alright because your sarcasm makes up for it. You are always down to throw on a thottie skirt and if the night is right, climb a tree or two. Drink bitch -- you know we're going shopping.

You're a Sam!
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You got: You're an Alyssa!

Congrats! You are the REALEST person that we know. Whether you are grabbing a pint of ice cream or studying (while watching Netflix?), we all know that Theron isn't too far away. Your energy level never dies, nor does your alcohol tolerance. Have a great day!!!!!!!

You're an Alyssa!
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You got: You're a Marie!

Congrats! Whether you are baking up a storm in the kitchen or hitting up every PIKE event (dreamgirl 2k17?), we all know that you are the loyalest girl in the game. You probably have flowers in your room currently because Joe would never go too long without getting you new ones (can anyone say whipped?). Once the drink hits your lips, you never know how fast those things are going to start moving.

You're a Marie!
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You got: You're a Lillie!

Congrats! You most likely spent the morning sipping on some coffee and practicing your zen, but you never know when your crazier side is ready to come out. You speak kindly about everyone, except Nick when he shotguns too many tall boys. Namaste.

You're a Lillie!
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