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Are You More Betty Or Veronica?

to decide once and for all

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  1. what's ur hogwarts house

  2. whats ur ilvermorny house

    horned serpent
  3. who's ur fav riverdale dude

    this question doesnt make sense how could either betty or veronica be assigned to archie
    ^^^ shut up, jughead
  4. what do you watch on youtube

    makeup tutorials
    advice videos
    vine compilations
    fanvids of tv shows
    actual tv shows uploaded illegally
    gaming channels
    music videos
  5. what's ur favorite idea

    mine is being creative
    a definitive answer: am i betty or veronica
    cole sprouse
    a girlfriend
  6. should i have put more effort into this quiz

    this quiz is shit
  7. why are jughead and betty a thing on riverdale. i need an answer.

    bc everyone's sick of the triangle it's literally 50 years old
    bc jughead's cute and betty's cute and archie doesn't deserve betty
    bc *beronica is endgame* and they have to build up to that... this is a distraction...
    bc the writers have little to no respect for canonically ace jughead
    bc why not
    bc they're actually the best power couple and will. kick. ass.
  8. what is ur opinion on bernie sanders

    is he even relevant anymore
    feel. the. bern. america.
    socialism is communism and that's okay
  9. what is your opinion on vermont

    didn't we already have this question
    vermont sucksssssssssss there's no cell reception
    yes. gimme the maple syrup
  10. are you appreciating the progression of these questions from cliche to wtf

    what are you even doing almightly buzzfeed quizmaker
    didn't notice
    eh i would have done it differently
  11. are you annoyed that this quiz is 11 questions long just so it's not 10

    didn't notice until you pointed it out but now i am
    not really
    very much so
    this quiz is too short anyway

Are You More Betty Or Veronica?

You got: Betty

girl-next-door, savage af, etc.

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You got: Veronica

yay for ronnie

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