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13 Things Your Baby Would Like For Christmas This Year

It might not be exactly what you had in mind...

1. The house keys.

2. A big cardboard box.

3. In fact, make that two cardboard boxes.

4. Lots of wrapping paper.

5. The baubles on the Christmas tree.

6. The tinsel on the Christmas tree.

7. The lights on the Christmas tree, too.

8. The pots and pans in the kitchen. (All of them.)

9. Mummy's earrings.

10. The family cat.

11. The remote control.

12. Lots and lots of people!

13. A well-earned nap!

This year, Ella’s Kitchen is launching #EllasChristmasJumpers in support of Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day!

View this video on YouTube

We've had the help of eight little jumpers and a favourite festive tune, to encourage little ones everywhere to get involved! Take a peek, share the festive fun, and sign up to help Save the Children!