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Inside Look At FREEZERS Of Millenials Across The WORLD

What are people really hiding in their freezers - we got a sneak peek from Sweden to Vietnam. Did someone say duck eggs and pickles?!

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Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

"I was working as a travel guide and a couple of years ago I started Eco Elemental Retreat. I fell in love with the property surrounded by the rainforest and wonderful views of San Juan. In the front of the house there's an avocado tree with these purple avocado and as you can see my freezer is full of guacamole."

Hanoi, Vietnam

"Our freezer has some ice, cooking butter, pork, and fish. The street food in Hanoi is pretty amazing, so I just grab something if I'm hungry. One of the most popular dishes is Balot (baby duck egg) that you can find at street vendors."

New York, NY

"My freezer is mostly vodka, ravioli, chicken.. I have some Trader Joe's Guacamole and an ice pack lined lunch bag. Being in the city, there's obviously lots of good restaurants - recently I've really enjoyed Gramercy Tavern and Somtum Der. "

Vasteras, Sweden

"Svante is 9 months old, so as you can see our freezer is full of lots of homemade baby food. Parenthood is so crazy but I love it. I will be going back to work in a few months, and then his dad will be home with him for the following year."

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