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7 Creative Ways To Celebrate Easter

“Spring is a true reconstructionist.” : Henry Timrod 2018 kick-started with the chilly day ‘n’ nights and hot shots. By saying adieu to the past year, we left behind a lot of unexpected sorrows and pain afflicted both mentally and physically. With Hurricane Harvey’s havocs still popping up as nightmares, we decided to take a sturdy step onto a new year with a hope to start fresh. With the “Season of Colors” indeed on its way, Easter is around the corner providing hope to the humanity. The Spring starts right after the St. Patricks Day 2018, which is on 17th March 2018. In the United States and rest of the Northern Hemisphere, the first day of Spring Season is expected to be on March 20th and Easter comes right on the first day of April 2018. Easter has given a chance to the humanity to rejoice in the ascension of Jesus Christ the savior. There possibly can’t be a better occasion when both Spring and Easter falls on the same week. It will indeed be a festival of colors and hope!!! With Easter around the corner, if you are still in search of a way to celebrate the day with family and make some memories, then you are at the right place. Here are 7 creative ways to celebrate Easter 2018…

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1. Let’s Make Some Easter Eggs

With Easter, the first word that pops into your head might be “Easter Eggs”. These are one of the most used decorative items to symbolize Easter. Making your own Easter Eggs for Easter are as colorful and bubbly as each of them looks. Regardless of age, dousing eggs in colors are always fun. Making your own custom designs on Easter Eggs might be the best relaxing stuff you can do with your kids or family. Try everything; from the traditional method of food coloring eggs to the latest one, marbled Easter Eggs.

2. Let The Easter Bunny Move In

If there was a thing which felt more exciting as a child than waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, then it might definitely be waiting for the Easter bunny to show up. So, enlighten your kids Easter spirits by letting Easter Bunny move in. This could be one of the fun things you can try to strengthen your parent-child bond. Gather around few wood planks and make a dwarf tree trunk house door from it. Cut out a bunny face or paint a bunny avatar on it. Rest it to dry and place it in the trunk of the tree in your backyard. Put an Easter Basket near to the door to make it look realistic.

3. “Where’s The Egg?”

The egg hunt is one of the iconic group activity you can try this Easter. This is more like a treasure hunt buy, the Easter version. Involve both kiddos and elders in this game. Boil a few eggs and get some plastic eggs. Fill the plastic eggs with treats and pretzels to surprise the young ones. There are a few egg hunts conducted by local communities and organizations on Easter Day. So, have a look around and register today itself.

4.A Game of Egg Hop Relay Race

Games both at individual and group level are also one of the star attractions at Easter time. Games like Egg Hop Relay Race, Match the Eggs, Easter Egg Decorating Station are a few of the people’s favorite games for centuries. The goals of these games are deeply rooted in bonding and caring. Gather your family or friends and play a few of these games in your backyard. A cold and sweet refreshing drink after these will replenish your stamina and keeps you energized. Make sure to get a bigger water jug to quench everyone’s thirst. This Waterford’s Crystal Water Jug will be perfect.

5. Cinnamon…Cinnamon…Cinnamon Rolls!!!

Other than its religious face, Easter is well famous for the sizzling pastries and sugar-dusted cinnamon rolls. Dig out a recipe book online and make your own pastries on Easter Day. If you are planning to surprise your guest with your pastry skills, it would be great if you start practicing the recipes before the final showdown. Dessert makes the dinner complete, so we hope yours fill your guest's hearts too. Rabbit-themed cookies and pancakes will never go out of trend on Easter holidays.

6. The Sizzling Lamb Roasts

Easter without an enormous feast is far from imagination. A good healthy feast starting from side dishes to desserts are must for celebrating the exact vibe of the holiday. Make sure you plan the recipes a week before and also be sure to have enough practice. From spinach-and-artichoke crown lamb roast to onion soup standing rib roast to cinnamon rolls; make sure you have it all planned. Even though you cook the best food in town, proper presentation of these tasty treats matters. Get a few new dinnerware with platters and salad plates to make sure you don’t flunk at the presentation part.

Along with dinnerware, stemware, flatware, silverware, and crystalware too are important. Having these along with your dinnerware is like the high notes and low notes of a musical instrument; together they make miracles.

7. Plant a New Bud

Since Easter is considered as a second chance to start yourself fresh, why should it be limited to only yourself? Take advantage of this Easter holidays in taking care of your environment and thus giving hopes for a “new green planet”. Plant a new life on the soil to celebrate the real meaning of Easter. Stop by the nearest greenhouse and pick up some potential seeds. Get yourself a good garden tool set and make up the soil bed. Fertilize it properly and make it suitable for the little guy to see the sunlight.

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