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    Updated on Jul 28, 2020. Posted on Jul 27, 2020

    8 Easy Ways You Can Help Save The Planet

    Everyone loves mamma earth, why not be a lil nicer to it? 🌎

    1. Buy a reusable water bottle.

    Houston Max / Via Unsplash

    You've probably heard this a gazillion times but it's true. There is SO MUCH plastic just floatin' in the sea 🌊 - and let's be real water companies are producing the packaging, they don't make water.

    I recommend a glass or stainless steel one because plastic ones often seep BPA into your water (which ain't good for you).

    2. Go out for dinner.

    Weird, huh? It's true though, if you go out for dinner instead of getting take away you reduce the amount of packaging (less plastic, paper and all that crap) AND you can even take some cute pics to post later πŸ’β€β™€οΈ. BONUS: try to avoid meat (more on this later).

    3. Plant a tree.

    There's a chance you're confused by this one, so let me explain:

    You don't have to physically plant a tree yourself (unless you wanna), just browse the internet. Search engines like Ecosia, Gexsi and WWF Panda Search are great ways to do this. Happy planting! 🌱

    4. Bring your own straw.

    Isabela Kronemberger / Via Unsplash

    You might already have one laying around with your hydroflask and scrunchies (if not get one here) but now it's time to USE it. Throw it in your bag before you leave and when you order your drink say "No straw please". #savetheturtles 🐒

    5. Consume less.

    Jairus Gallimore / Via Unsplash

    This one is the *trickiest* but also has the biggest impact. We've been brought up in a linear economy where we buy, use, break and then throw-out. Pretty wasteful if you ask me... Now I don't want to guilt you out of buying that pair of sneakers (or do I? 😈) I'm just asking you to have a quick think first: do you really need them? Maybe you do and that's fine, but if you already have 5 others at home consider not buying them. You only have 2 feet, how many shoes do you need?

    6. Netflix.

    Educate. Educate. Educate.

    It's as easy as watching a show on Netflix 🍿. Documentaries on Plastic Pollution, Minimalism, Climate Change and Diets are all available to watch to help expand your knowledge. So cozy up and get learning.

    7. Eat fewer animal products.

    Whether you're a meat-lover or already vegetarian it really does help our planet to do this. The way that meat and dairy products are farmed accounts for almost 15% of emissions worldwide. You might already know this and think, well hey if everyone else is eating meat why can't I? Cutdown you meat consumption bit by bit and (if you can) opt for organic foods. Organic = less chemicals.

    8. Bring a bag.

    Griffin Wooldridge / Via Unsplash, Micheile Henderson / Via Unsplash

    Last but not least bring your own bag(s) to the store. If you're clothes shopping or food shopping cashiers often assume you want one (used as a marketing technique). Either way Single-use plastic bags are UNNECESSARY. Bring your own tote bag or carry it in you hands if you didn't buy that much.

    Just gonna leave some pictures here so you can see HOW AMAZING nature is.πŸ€©πŸ™Œ

    Martin Jernberg / Via
    Nate Johnston / Via
    Matteo Di Iorio / Via

    Be kind to the planet! ✨

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