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17 Signs Tim Howard Is The Hero This World Needs

Well, for starters, he's the man.

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He's a beast goalkeeper from New Jersey.

You might recall how he saved 16 goals in one game last year. SIXTEEN.

But there's more to his heroism than his impressive soccer skills.

2. Plus, he's already got his superhero costume figured out!

3. People look up to him already.

And his beard!

4. But he's a hero still even without the scruff.

5. He's not afraid to show a little skin.

8. He'll drop whatever he's doing to help someone in need — no matter where they are.

9. He can actually shape-shift!

Facebook: video.php

11. Some people hate dandelions in their yard, but not Tim Howard. He's a hero, always looking out for the little people (and plants).

12. He has heroes of his own.

13. See? Takes one to know one.

To those who serve and have served, THANK YOU for your sacrifices #RealHeroes #Salute #ThankYouVeterans

14. And you know he's a hero because he only sometimes wears glasses, like another superhero we know.

17. And, sometimes, you can even see the ACTUAL halo above his head.

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