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    Here Are The Receipts To Prove That "Ugly Betty" And "The Emperor's New Groove" Are The Same Thing

    Ok, hear me out!

    There’s an ignorant leader who doesn’t know how to lead properly.


    The leader (Daniel & Kuzco)–who can be seen as a protagonist and antagonist–is accompanied by someone who is of lower status (Betty & Pacha), but is a lot more insightful and caring. Betty and Pacha respectively end up teaching them to be a better leader and a nicer person through their friendship.

    The helpful friend has a loving family.

    ABC/ Disney

    Betty and Pacha's family respectively are not rich but sill joyful and close-knit, unlike the family of the rich leaders. Daniel's family keeps too many secrets and Kuzco's family isn’t even in the picture. The rich leaders get closer to the less powerful friend's family.

    There’s an evil, older lady plotting to overthrow power.

    ABC/ Disney

    Wilhelmina and Yzma are respectively accompanied by their younger and loyal sidekick (Marc & Kronk), who is also sometimes helpful to the opponent.

    The sidekick is seen as an outcast in society.

    ABC/ Disney

    Marc is gay and Kronk isn’t as masculine as his dad wants him to be, resulting in them having friends that are far from their own self. Marc's BFF is Amanda, and Kronk is friends with a chipmunk.

    There’s a slightly annoying and cute character.

    ABC/ Disney

    This character has no solid loyalties with any character except the evil person's sidekick.

    Yzma's potions are equivalent to Wilhelmina's schemes.

    ABC/ Disney

    Every time Betty tries to get a promotion (but fails) is equivalent to Pacha trying to get Kuzco to not distort his village.

    ABC/ Disney

    At the end, Betty gets a promotion and Pacha gets his village, and a beautiful friendship is formed in both scenarios.

    And lastly, the animals that attacked Kuzco can represent the media and how it attacks Daniel.

    ABC/ Disney