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Steps To Upgrade Yourself To Next Levels In Ice Hockey

If you'd like to learn to design great practices from here on, discover which skills REALLY matter and discover how to design hundreds of your own drills, then this might be the most important letter on the subject you'll ever read. Here's why you should pay close attention: You have a lot of choices (and work to do) when it comes to learning the best practices of a great youth ice hockey coach. With "The Secrets of What is Icing in Hockey Coaching" you get the best information delivered instantly in an extremely effective audio and printed format. Let me give you four good reasons I can back up what I claim:

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What is Icing in Hockey

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Reason One: Author of several coaching manuals, I pen magazine advice columns for "Hockey/USA" and "Better Hockey".

Reason Two: I hold a Physical Education Degree, USA Hockey's highest rating - Master Coach, studied at the Moscow Institute for Sport in the USSR and have over a decade of high school and college head-coaching experience.

Reason Three: As the Director of New England Hockey Institute for the last 30 years I am the creator of A TOTAL MASTERY SYSTEM.

Reason Four: This program includes the philosophy and all of the drill-progressions I’ve personally used to send hundreds of players on to top high school, junior, college and pro teams!

The Secrets of Great Hockey".

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1.Learn How to design your own drills.

A simple scientific principle yields 100s -- if not 1000s -- of new drill ideas!

2.Discover what makes a truly great "teaching coach".

How can it be that some coaches get more from a given drill than do other coaches? It could be that successful coaches know these key teaching techniques!

3.Gain knowledge of which of the game's skills REALLY matter.

Everyone knows the game's basic skills -- like skating, puckhandling, passing, receiving, shooting and checking. However, a study of the TRUE demands on players should enlighten coaches, and help them modify skill-drills in a way that gives their players greater success in games.

4.Find out how drills can impact either positively or negatively on your

players' growth.

EVERY drill brings about some change in a player. Only the skilled teacher knows how to weed out those that can actually hinder a player's game-playing capabilities.

5.Learn how to recognize so-called "Bland Drills".

Why waste valuable ice-time with drills that keep your kids busy but otherwise don't increase their true playing capabilities?

6.Become skilled at using your ice-time wisely.

Supplemental training methods can make on-ice practices far more productive. And, while EVERY team should spend a certain amount of time on various skills, it helps to know how these should be adjusted relative to each age-group.

7.Discover how to design more interesting practices.

A simple scientific principle dictates how long and how often a given drill should be used. Moreover, Coach Chighisola has his own unique perspective on the issues of repetition, boredom and overcoming the humdrums.

8.Learn how to instill confidence in your kids.

Coaches might be surprised that equipment really matters, as does a coach's drill selection and his or her way of increasing challenges in each drill.

9.Realize the dangers of NOT getting it right!

Physiologists know that only a brief window of opportunity exists for young athletes to acquire certain general and sport-specific skills. And, while there's a chance of losing kids who don't feel at least somewhat successful, players who just get by might eventually lose-out on some very interesting trade-off options.

Let me explain how and why I can do all those things.

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"The Secrets of Icing in Hockey Coaching" is a 45 minute audio in a question and answer format. Presented as a self-contained Multi-Media EBook the audio can be integrated with a number of available "Must-Do" Drill Books contained in the same EBook.

In the audio program I discuss the aspects that make our game unique and the challenges presented to the part-time hockey coach. After identifying the game’s most important skills, I furnish insight into the uniqueness of each playing level, the selection of age-specific drills and the best ways to teach these to the various levels. I then provide a method for creating hundreds, if not thousands, of the right drills based on the real experiences and needs of your players. The accompanying Drill Books with a suggested calendar and dozens of "Must Do" drill ideas provide a template that you can add your drills to for a plan that covers the entire season. Sounds like alot to absorb, but with the organized and entertaining format, you'll have no trouble learning and applying the suggested techniques and principles.

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