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How Fayetteville Are You?

Sure you go to the University of Arkansas but HOW well do you fit into the Fayetteville culture?

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  1. I have...

    taken a purtian bathroom selfie
    seen the sunrise at Artist's Point
    been REKT by schoolhouse
    switched majors to photography
    are a communications major
    own a DSLR
    named your house
    own two or more fayettechill shirts
    done kaleo
    worked at a camp
    know the name of at least 3 puritan baristas
    seen judah and the lion live
    seen penny and sparrow live
    have reposted the link to brother moses song
    bought something from the dickson st bookstore
    are apart of greek life
    can play guitar
    made out with someone at the pavilion by mount sequoyah
    have camped at devil's den
    trolled logan imhoff
    are a "photographer"
    made a fake facebook event
    read love does
    own a necklace from perennial shop
    have a tattoo of a greek or hebrew word
    love to watercolor
    eaten at hammontrees
    eaten at wasabi
    owns overalls
    wears a striped shirt at least once a week
    taken pictures at the farmer's market
    has a flow
    been to lake fayetteville
    been to king's river falls
    craft beer > regular beer
    made your own kambucha
    shop at potter's house
    have clear frame glasses
    used christmas lights as interior lighting
    hate country music
    been to a house show
    own a mac covered in stickers
    have read a C.S. Lewis book
    claims to love the mountains
    owns a product from keep exploring
    been to the dickson st waffle house after a function
    are from Texas
    owns vinyl
    have a separate instagram for your photography
    have a separate troll instragram
    have an instagram for your house
    spotify > apple music
    own chacos
    frequently wears flannel
    been to whitaker's point
    smoked a pipe
    glasses > contacts
    been to mount sequoyah
    had brunch at arsagas
    had brunch at farmer's table
    had brunch at little bread co
    spent more than 5 hours at puritan
    HATE bikes blues and barbeque
    gotten almost towed from the puritan parking lot because of a garden room event
    shop at urban outfitters
    taken pictures of lights of the ozark
    have been to a "friendsgiving"
    have been to the buffalo
    own a suculent
    have asked where the fiji house is
    smoked hooka
    own a hammock
    loves bucks of asia
    into ethnic food
    insta'd my burton's ice cream
    have been to crystal bridges
    have been to a byx function
    lived in humpherys or yocum freshman year
    carry a nalgene everywhere I go
    cliff jumped at lincoln lake

How Fayetteville Are You?

I bet you've never even been to puritan or some where artsy for spring break...

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You probably a BYX and went on a hiking road trip for spring break.

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